CTC Run Wednesdays are back!! (October 1st)

runners2There was a bit of a break at the end of September, the track sessions finished, the Tri season finished, but prep for 2015 starts in October.  Lots of activity being posted from bike turbo sessions, trail running, swim sessions and specific coaching days.  Trying to keep Wednesdays as the club run evening, with that in mind we move to the autumn/winter/early spring location of meeting at the car park at the end of the Carraigrohane Straight Road opposite the old Crow’s Nest Pub.  We can start with just continuous runs for the month of October and then move to some tempo sessions from November.  Meet at the usual time of 7:00 pm we can try to offer a couple of pace/distance options depending on who turns up.  last year we started with either one or two labs of the Straight Road/Model Farm Road loop, each lap is almost exactly 6km.  As we will have a bit of light for a few weeks it might be possible to have a few route variations.  As we said; meet at 7:00pm sharp, it gets too cold to be hanging around as the year gets older, so if you need a warm-up come a little early and fit it in yourself, but at the car park at 7:00pm sharp; changed, warmed up/stretched and ready to run.  Looking forward to making(keeping) this as successful as it was last winter.