Group Turbo sessions, Nov/Dec 2014

Cycle_toonSeeing as the group turbo sessions experiment worked so well last winter, we’re going to continue with them this year.  These offer a fantastic opportunity to get in some bike mileage on dark, wet and cold winter nights while not being confined to the garden shed!

All abilities are welcome.  At this time of the year we will be focused on good pedalling technique and starting to lay down the foundations of strength and aerobic fitness that will be built on as we head into next season.  There’ll be little in the way of ‘eyeballs out efforts’ and no one is ever going to get dropped!

These sessions will be structured and will progress from week to week.  This early base building block, in particular, tends to be quite social as you’ll be able to breathe and talk for most of the session.  I can’t promise the same for next block 😉

Sessions will take place Monday nights from 7pm to 8:30pm in the Highfield RFC hall.  We will begin on time, so it is strongly advised to arrive at least ten minutes early to allow time to set up.

All that is required is a bike, a turbo trainer and a towel.

The cost is €24 for eight weeks, starting on Nov 3rd 2014.
If interested, please register here.