Combined Core/Spin offer from Mike Peterson

S&CMike Peterson is offering a combined core/spin session specifically targeted at triathletes.  The proposal is that the sessions would start on 2nd Oct and run to 6th Nov with the option of another session between then and Christmas (sorry for using the C word).  The sessions would be run in Brookfield.  The full message from Mike is reproduced below, contact Mike directly for more information.

 “I have 1 night available for a specific Triclub combination core/spin session – it’s Thursday at 6 – 7pm. I feel the two disciplines will be very beneficial to triclub members. We know the importance of maintaining a strong core and the combination of an intense 30 min spin simulating outdoor cycling can only benefit those that take part. Because of the two different areas we will be using I will have to charge €7 per session (€42 for 6sessions). We will definitely only be able to accommodate 16 people, and as before, I’d be happy for members to book/contact me directly 087-6355102.”