Carrot or stick for the Lost Sheep??

Orange-CarrotThe good news is that there is no stick.  We can’t compel people to marshal on the day, all we can do is ask for your help.  It’s now just over two weeks before the Lost Sheep and less than half of the of the people we need to help out on the day have registered to marshal.  A huge amount of thought, effort and planning has already gone into preparing for this year’s race.  We are determined to ensure that this great tradition is continued and the high standards at this race are maintained.  However this cannot be done with the number of people who have currently signed up.

If you are a club member who is not racing, please consider registering as a marshall.  If you are a club member who is racing, please ask friends and family if they would like to help out while cheering you on.  They can register on the same page. Remember that for every person registering as a marshal, the club is providing accommodation for Friday and Saturday night, a lunch voucher for Saturday and a meal out that night. Marshalls will also receive a CTC hoodie for their efforts….not to mention that warm fuzzy feeling at having contributed to putting on what will undoubtedly be another great event 😉

No race can take place without volunteers.  They are every bit as important as the competitors and, on the day, no one contributes more to the atmosphere of the race.

So… as you’re mixing your recovery drink in the morning or doing your pre session activation excercises or post session warm down be thinking and talking about recruiting marshals for the Lost Sheep.  The clock is ticking.  Spread the word!