Track Session Wednesday July 30th

AthleticsUCCTrackThe session this week from DTT is a bit complex so I am suggesting a variation on the session.  As with the DTT session starting with a tempo 800m, but change then to 5 x 400m hard then 4 x 400m at best pace.  A 200m jog after the 800 and 100m between the 400s with 400m jog between the 2 sets.  People have been very sensible about balancing race recovery with race preparation.  Also there were some good equal paced groups formed last week that we can continue this week .  Usual meeting time of 7:00pm on the UCC track.  The sessions are booked to the end of August.


Warm up

10-12 min easy jog

Dynamic stretch

6 x 60m strides

Main Set

800m tempo

200m jog

5 x 400m hard with 100m jog between

400m jog

4 x 400m best pace 100m jog between

Cool Down

easy jog