Track Session Wednesday July 9th

AthleticsUCCTrackThe main set for the track session this week is repeat 600m with 200m jog recovery between the 600s.  Last week was not quite so busy on the competition front and we just have a few people heading to the Two Provinces in Lanesboro next weekend, so we could have a good attendance all “mad for road”.  Anyone competing at the weekend does need to balance the set against staying fresh to race, know your own capabilities/capacity.  The intermediate session (the one we usually do) is 6 x 600m.  For any one who needs more there is the option of an extra two, 8 x 600m!  As usual meet at the UCC track, ready to run at 7:00pm.  Andrew O’Leary will take the session this week, a 5km on the Marina beckons for the other guy.


10-12min easy jog

Dynamic Stretch

6 x 60m strides

Main Set

6/8 x 600m at 5km pace

200m jog recovery between 600s

Cool Down

10min easy jog