Aquathon Number 3 Thursday July 3rd

There was another great turn out tonight for the 3rd night of the clubs Aquathon Series with 34 participants and 8 Marshals.

First off a big thank you to the marshals, Jeff Castles, James Sullivan, Eidin Christie, Brendan O Neill and Anne Marie Power along with our 3 Kayakers thanks to John Carey.
It was the second night of the Junior series with 4 juniors taking part.
To say the swim was a little challenging was an understatement as it measured a little long for a sprint.
There was no holes barred at the start of the swim with elbows flying and a few knocks but it wasn’t long breaking up.
Chris Mintern took the early lead from the start followed in close proximity by week 2 winner Kevin Sweeney and pushed on to be 1 and 2 out of the water.
3rd and 4th was a close call between Jason Pierce and Jason Nichol with the younger of the Jason’s (Pierce) 3rd out just seconds between them followed by Tomas Kenefick.
In the Ladies race it was another close swim. Aoife Mahony was first out of the water with knowing that Karina would be hot on her heels with just 15 seconds separating them and Sinead Rock only a further 18 second back.
The Juniors were only allowed to join in for the second lap of the swim thank god some of may have thought because they would have put us to shame. With 4 promising juniors taking part they set off to take a few scalps of the seniors. James Mintern was first junior to make it to dry land 2nd out was Martin Keohane, Niamh Moloney was 3rd and Patrick Carey 4th all putting in some blistering swim times.
Meanwhile on the run Kevin Sweeney set off on the hard task of catching Chris. Jason Pierce took his time in transition which let Jason NIchol take his place in 3rd, Tomas Kenefik had a quick transition and managed to get out in 4th followed by Jason Pierce In 5th and thats the way it would stay to the finish.
In the Ladies race Karina took the lead on the run making it 3 in a row for her. Aoife came in 2nd while Sinead Rock held her place in 3rd.
A great evening was had by all with some new faces again this week.
We will have another race in 2 weeks time on the 17th July. The venue is to be decided but will be posted over the coming weeks.
We will be looking for Marshals again in 2 weeks so if you are available please contact me @