Track Session Wednesday July 2nd

Probably a few tired bodies around after a big weekend’s racing,AthleticsUCCTrack again people need to balance recovery against race preparation.  The main set this week is 5/6 x 800m with the usual warm up and cool down.  Anna Crooks has been appointed as TI Development Officer for the Munster Region.  Anna will attend the track session on Wednesday and hang around after to see what club members have ideas on what is wanted from a development officer, it would be great if there was a reasonable attendance to have a chat with her.  As far as I know Anna will take part in the session as well.

Warm Up

10-12min jog

Dynamic stretch

6 x 60m strides

Main Set

5/6 x 600m

200m recovery jog between 800s

Cool Down

10 min easy jog