Swim at Inniscarra Thursday June 25th

InniscarraNo aquathon this week so a group will get together for a swim at the Inislena Recreation Centre on the Inniscarra lake.  This is not a beginners swim, the lake is deep and there is no kayak support.  Anyone going should be a reasonably competent and confident open water swimmer.  Swim time is 7:00pm decide among the group the format and distance for the swim.  Do not go near the dam or the pumping station.  Do not swim alone, try and at least pair up or form larger groups.  Someone should do a count of the number going into the water and of course coming out.  The ESB have been keeping the water levels very low, this means that there is a shallow bank just off the slipway where the group enters, take care here.  The ESB do issue warnings about not swimming, this is mainly because of some near drowning incidents last year, while these in the main involved alcohol, the warning is there.  Swimmers swim at their own risk.