Time Trial Results June 17th

I believe another new course record last night.  The results of the TT on the 17th June 2014 are as follows:

Jane McGrath 37:54
Jamie O Donnell 39:06
Brendan O Neill 34:38
John O Shaughnessy 32:17
Mark Dalton 33:36
Jeremy Duane 33:41
Sean Devine 35:57
Stephen Devine 35:52
Kevin Coleman 32:10
John O Connell 28:34
Mick Williamson 29:43
Ciaran O Callaghan 33:20
Trevor Woods 28:40
Kevin Curran 29:42
Kieran Crean 27:06

Thanks to the timekeepers this week who were:

Adrian Quinn, Elaine Curran and Edwin Sutton.

The time keepers for the next few weeks are:

June 24  Owen Mullowney, Jeff Castles, John O Shaughnessy

July 1     Theresa Rio, William Horgan, …..
July 8     …. , …., …..
July 15    …. , …., …..
This was the first TT of the summer series. There will be a total of ten time trials in this series. Each time trialist will be awarded points based on their time in each of the time trials in which they participate. Points are awarded pro rata, based on the fastest time in each time trial. Your best six time trials count towards your overall standing in the league.

To take part in the league you must help with the timekeeping at least once this year.
The time trials cannot be held without your support so please contact David Egan by email at:david.egan1966@gmail.com or by text on 087 9372402 to let him know when you can do time keeping