Track Session Wednesday June11th

Girl_run_toonTrack Session this week is repeat 400m.  Full main set is 2x(5 x 400m) with 100m jog recovery and an extra 100m between the 2 sets.  Again the health warning at this time of the season is to be sure to balance race recovery and race preparation with training.  A couple of people have mentioned that they find the warm up and stretch and strides difficult.  Assuming that the jog and stretches are not difficult, the stress must be in the strides.  Usually the first three strides are straight, these should not be anywhere close to max, just elevated pace (for myself I consider it “feel good” pace).  The only time you get close to max is for the last section of the strides 4-6 after the second “lift” and this only for about 15-20m.


Warm up

10-12min jog

Dynamic stretch

6 x 60m strides building through 4-6

Main set

2 x (5 x 400m) – HARD

100m jog recovery, extra 100m between the 2 sets

Cool down

10-12min easy jog