Tiede Xtreme Triathlon , Tenerife , Spain

John Shaughz is interested in recruiting for this Half IM in Tenerife, it sounds brutally hard.  Apparently 3 CTCers have signed up already.  If interested contact John, his details are at the end of the post.

Tiede Xtreme Triathlon , Tenerife , Spain
4th October 2014  Start time 8.00am
1900M Swim 96K Run 21K
Entry ; €120 til Sept. €140 after that
Cut off time ; 10hours
Website http://www.teidextreme.com/index.php/en/

“The most spectacular Triathlon” – Frederik Van Lierde , Ironman World
Champion 2013

A few facts
Its not really a Course for T.T Bikes or Tri-bars with 2200M of climbing over 96K. 

Putting that into perceptive

  • Lanzarote IM has 2610M of climbing over 180.2K !!!
  • The Lost Sheep Bike Course has 768M of climbing
  • So its kind of like 3 Lost Sheep Bikes condensed into 96K !!!

2013 was the 1st year, Frederik Van Lierde , completed the Swim and Bike only. But We knew that at the Swim Start !
Only 4 Girls started in 2013 , Separate start for the Girls 10mins before the Men  – See youtube Clips
Relay Teams available also

This years Race is going to be bigger, Big international interest already

Probably the Worlds toughest Bike Course, with Temperature down
to 6 Degrees Celsius up around Tiede, – admittly last years Race was 30th
November, should n’t as cold this year,
3 Aid Stations on the Bike,
Special Needs at the 3rd Aid Station at 2200M. for Gillets , Leggings , Gloves, Arm Warmers
See Photos
Temperature on the Run last year was humid 21C
Wetsuits allowed
Swim is nice, double loop of 950m – See youtube Clips
Run is pancake flat.

This Race is ideal prep for anyone thinking about a Full IM Distance in 2015

Swim is nice, double loop of 950m – See youtube Clips
Run is pancake flat.



Flights with Ryanair flying out on the 28th Sept and back on the 6th Oct
at present €204.00 excluding Bikes

Bike Rental available / can be arranged from http://www.bikepointtenerife.com/

I rented from them for last years Race

Accommodation can be arranged, for anyone interested
Houses – sleeps 4 for €350.00 per Week ie €90.00 per Person

3 CTC Members confirmed already, We need a few Girls !!!

Anyone keen can contact John O’Shaughnessy
Contact ; Shaughz@gmail.com
087 2278948