Saturday cycle, 7 Jun

Cycle_toonInclemency seems to be a theme this weekend.  The God(s) must be angry with us!  However, with some caution (I draw the line at ice) and a little extra preparation this shouldn’t affect training.  Quoting Sean Kelly – “To know if the weather is too bad for training, put on your gear and go training.  Then you’ll know when you get back.” 😉

Forecast for tomorrow is for warm, wet rain with moderate wind.  Thankfully most of us are well accustomed to this.  I’ll suggest this 125km route which consists of some moderate drags in the first half but finishes on the flat, main road with the wind partially at our backs.

Leaving City Hall @ 8am.

If the skies are murky in the morning and the rain does bear down, maybe consider wearing some fluorescent gear and using a rear red light.  No harm in being careful.  Keep cycling, stay safe!