Friday bike intervals, 6 Jun

Cycle_toonApologies for the late notice,  I won’t be able to lead out the session this evening.  Right now, the forecast is not looking good – windy, wet and coolish.

For those that wish to keep up the routine, the session (adapted for turbo trainer) is as follows:





Warm up: Easy spin for 20mins

Main set:

  • Seated effort with a cadence of 55-60 for 6mins in a big gear trying to keep your upper body really still.
  • Increase the cadence to do a 90 seconds really high cadence effort that really tests your heart and lungs.
  • Easy spinning for about 9 mins.
  • Repeat this 5 more times.

Cool down: Easy spin for 20mins


If people would still like to head out and do this session outdoors, email me at and I’ll put ye in touch and can recommend a number of suitable hills.