Track Session Wednesday 4th June

Aerial_trackTrack session this week is more straight forward, main set is 800m repeats.  Remember as we are in the middle of the race season everybody has to balance training with race preparation and race recovery.  Anyone who raced any significant distance at the Cork marathon should probably skip the track session completely.   The usual format for the set with warm up, dynamic stretch, main set and cool down.  Choice of either 5 or 6 x 800m those operating at the faster end should do 6 middle to back take 5.  all of the 800s are done at a hard pace, use your 5km race pace as a guide.   Meet at the usual time, 7:00pm at the UCC track on the Mardyke.


Warm up

10-12 min easy jog

Dynamic stretch

6 x 60m strides building through the last 3

Main set

5/6 800m HARD

200m easy jog between 800s

Cool down

10- 15 min easy jog