Friday bike intervals / Beginner spin, May 30th

Cycle_toonWe’ll stick with the same hill this week.  The session structure is the similar to previous weeks with one extra interval added.  The focus of these sessions is building leg strength and power.  Forecast for tomorrow is good – dry, 17 degree heat and little wind.






Warm up: Easy spin from Curraheen to the bottom of the climb, building gradually.

Main set:

  • Seated effort up the hill with a cadence of 55-60 in a big gear trying to keep your upper body really still.
  • As you reach the top of the hill, increase the cadence to do a 1.5 min really high cadence effort that really tests your heart and lungs.
  • Easy descent with about 5 mins spinning once at the bottom.
  • Repeat this 5 more times.

Cool down: Easy spin back to the city.

I won’t be doing the hill session myself this week  as I’m racing on Sunday, but I’m happy to meet at greyhound track and lead out for the session.  If any beginners are interested in joining us, I can take them for a short spin while anyone else is doing intervals.  We can work on some group riding skills.  Won’t be doing anything more than 40km in total.

Leaving from just outside greyhound track in Curraheen @ 6:30pm sharp.