Open Water Swim Sessions Starting Thursday 29th May 7:00pm

Young_swimWe are planning to start our open water swim sessions on Thursday 29th May.  Initial plan is to go back out to the lake at Iniscarra and swim from the Innisleena Recreation Centre, location can be seen here.  Directions are to cross the river (Lee) at Ballincollig by the Regional Park, follow the river west towards Dripsey, just past the Inniscarra dam at the top of the hill there are EPA offices on the right hand side of the road, at the bottom of the hill the recreation centre is on the left at the bottom of the hill  (it is just a green area by the lake with some picnic tables and a sailing club).  Be very careful with valuables as in the past some cars have been broken into.  As we are running the Aquathon series as well the open water swims will be on alternate Thursdays (the weeks when there is no aquathon).  Remember this is a deep water location we will not have kayak coverage so it is essential that only competent swimmers come along.  For the first week we are encouraging more experienced members to come along to buddy up with some of the newcomers.  Wetsuits are essential when swimming with the CTC group and everyone should wear a bright coloured swim had to help keep people in view.  Swim will start at 7:00pm