Track Session Wednesday May 28th

Girl_run_toonThe session this week is 400m repeats for the main set.  All of these are done hard with a 200m jog recovery, the number varies depending on ability/fitness from 8 to 10 repeats.  Again people have to have some input into their own training in terms of effort, race preparation and race recovery.  The season starts in earnest this weekend with both Valentia and Lough Cutra Castle triathlons being staged with lots of CTC participation.  Wednesday should be ok for hard effort with a race on Saturday as long as volume and intensity are reduced for Thursday and Friday, but only you can know your own recovery/taper needs.  Again, if you are a beginner please come along to the session, it can be tailored to your level of fitnesss.  We have all levels participating in these sessions.

Warm Up

Easy jog

Dynamic Stretch

6 x 60m strides

Main Set

8-10 400m at HARD effort

200m jog recovery

Cool Down

10 min easy jog