Friday Bike Intervals, May 16th

Cycle_toonBig ring hill reps is on the menu for this Friday.  We’re going to use the north face of the Windy Gap for this one 😉






Warm up: Easy group spin from Curraheen/Ovens Bar to bottom of Windy Gap climb, building gradually.

Main set:

  • Seated effort up the hill with a cadence of 55-60 in a big gear trying to keep your upper body really still.
  • As you reach the top of the hill, increase the cadence to do a 1.5 min really high cadence effort that really tests your heart and lungs.
  • Easy descent with about 5 mins spinning once at the bottom.  There’s a safe left turn at the bottom of the climb where we can spin out on the flat for 5mins before starting next rep.
  • Repeat this 4 more times.

Cool down: Easy spin back to the city.

Here‘s a map of the ground we’ll be covering.

Leaving from just outside greyhound track in Curraheen @ 6:15pm and will do another pickup from the Ovens bar @ 6:40pm for anyone who wants to park there.