Mid-week cycles

Cycle_toonNow that we’re into race season and the club time trials have kicked off,  there’s a need for a slight timetable shift with regard to the Monday interval session.  For most people, it won’t make sense to do a hard bike interval session on a Monday night, a hard TT (brick) effort on a Tuesday night and potentially a hard track session on a Weds night.  It would be preferrable to space out these high intensity sessions throughout the week with some opportunity for recovery in between.  As a result we’re going to move the bike intervals to Friday night @ 6:30pm, starting this week Fri 16 May.  Further details to follow later in the week.

For those who want to get some extra time in the saddle and boost their aerobic conditioning, I suggest we keep the Monday night slot going.  It would change to be a steady, aerobic ride where the distance and pace would be tailored to suit the needs of those that show up.  Different paced groups would form, as required.  Unfortunately I can’t make it tomorrow, however if people do still want to meet up outside the greyhound track in Curraheen @ 6:30pm, here is a straightforward suggested route.