Time Trials Starting Tuesday 6th May – New Route

Country_SquireThe Tuesday night time trials will commence on 6th May at 7pm sharp. They will be held every Tuesday until the end of August. This year we are trying a new TT route on the Old Mallow Road for the first two weeks to see how it goes.  Even though the old route was ideal from a location point of view the road surface has deteriorated even further from last year.
This is the section of road we will use for the new TT route, here.

How to get there:

The meeting point and the TT starting point is at The Country Squire pub on The Old Mallow road.

GPS Latitude/Longitude Location: N51.93746, W8.49679

To get to the meeting point from Blackpool Shopping centre, just drive out The Old Mallow road until you come to The Country Squire pub. Its about two or three miles out. You can park at the meeting point as the pub is no longer operating.

The route:

The TT route is an out and back route covering 20 Km in total. The starting point is opposite The Country Squire The turnaround point is another pub called The Log Cabin. The Log Cabin is on the right hand side of the road and is almost bang on 10 Km from the start. So watch out for it. Be careful when turning as motorists will not be expecting us to be there. Note, if you end up at the intersection to the main Cork to Mallow road, you have gone too far.

As usual we need three time keepers to take the times. David Egan will be managing the timekeepers. Please contact him by email: david.egan1966@gmail.com or by text: 087 9372402 and let him know when you are available to do timekeeping. The TTs cannot be run without your support so please volunteer to help