Track Session Wednesday 23rd April

AthleticsUCCTrackIntensity moving up a bit as we get closer to the race season.  This weeks main set is 800m repeats from the DTT programme.  Suggestion is that the front groups should do 6 x 800m and others keep it at 5 x 800m just 200m jog recovery between the 800s.  Intensity increases through the session. Meet at the usual time 7:00pm at the UCC Track on the Mardyke.

Warm up

10-12 min steady jog

Dynamic stretch

6 x 60m strides

Main set

5/6 x 800m

5 as 2 TEMPO and 3 HARD

6 as 2 TEMPO, 2 between TEMPO/HARD and 2 HARD

200m easy jog between each 800m

Cool down

10min jog