Sunday Cycle Sunday 13th April


Meet as usual at City Hall at 9:00am.  Putting up three overlapping routes at about 45km, 70km and 80km, we can decide on the morning how we will split.  Short route is out the main Bandon Road to Half Way, back road to Crossbarry and right at the village over the climb to Begley’s Forge and down to Kilumney.  The longer routes have the same start past Crossbarry towards Bandon and just before the climb to Bandon turn right to Crookstown and on to the main Macroom road (N22).  The option between the long and intermediate is: long, take a left over the Windy Gap to Coachford, intermediate, is straight back to Ballincollig..  Windy Gap gives more climbing, Ballincollig offers a flat road for a fast pace line.  Coffee options, for intermediate or short, Ballincollig for the long run Griffins Garden Centre.