Track Session Wednesday 9th April

AthleticsUCCTrackTrack session this week, main set 400m repeats.  Recommendation on the DTT programme is 6 x 400m, suggestion that those at the front of the group would easily manage 8 x 400m based on the previous sessions.  Target speed is race pace (5km) 200m recovery. Usual time of 7:00pm at the UCC track on the Mardyke.  For those who have not been making tempo or track sessions so far this would be a good place to jump in.


Warm Up

15 minute easy running

Dynamic stretch

6 x 60m strides building pace through the last 3 (4-6)

Main Set

6 x 400m


8 x 400m

200m easy jog recovery

Cool Down

15 minute jog