Triathlon Ireland AGM 26th April

TI Logo - Light GreenAll members have possibly received an email from Chris Kitchen CEO of Triathlon Ireland about the upcoming AGM.  If not please have a read.  I think in the past the club has made some contribution to the expenses of anyone going to represent the club at the meeting. There is also an appeal to the club for nominations for the TI board especially from female members (to adjust the gender balance on the board).  If anyone is interested you might let me know ( .

Full contents of the letter below, the letter was sent by Chris but signed by Lochlann Walsh, TI President

I hope you and you and your Cork TC – mates have wintered well and are looking forward to the upcoming season.

I am writing to you to ask you for your personal support in ensuring that Cork TC is represented at the upcoming Triathlon Ireland AGM on 26th April.  There will be some important decisions made at the AGM that will impact the sport we love for years to come so it is important that we have as large an attendance as possible to ensure the views of our members are properly represented.

In order to make the afternoon more productive, we have also organised some additional events that will be free to all those attending the AGM.

The following will be the schedule for the day:


  • a free talk on middle and long distance training and nutrition between 10.00 and  12noon
  • AGM, 12:30pm – 2:30pm
  • Free Swim Analysis tbc for 3pm – 4pm

I would also like to ask you to encourage Cork TC to consider nominating one of your members for the following vacant board positions


  1. Secretary (to be amended to Vice-President if proposed changes to constitution are approved)


The current board have identified a number of skills gaps we would like to address on the new board and you might keep these in mind when considering potential nominations;

– Legal experience
– HR experience
– Marketing/sponsorship experience

The board also feel it is important to get a better gender balance then at present so we would encourage female members to consider nominating themselves. However, none of the above should stop any member who feels they have something to contribute from seeing a nomination.

I appreciate that, for some, the thought of nominating themselves for the TI board may seem daunting.  However, the role is one of oversight and governance not management and we can arrange training if required.  The time commitment is approximately a day per month and other then that we are looking for a commitment from nominees to work to improve the sport of triathlon in Ireland for all.  I would be delighted to chat to any of your members that are considering a nomination.

To summarise, we are very much a member organisation and we need membership engagement to ensure the continued health and growth of our sport.  We have laid out an ambitious strategy to be delivered between now and 2016 and I would ask for your personal support in ensuring that Cork TC is involved in helping us deliver this.

Yours in sport

Lochlann Walsh

Triathlon Ireland
Unit E2, Glencormack Business Park
Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow, Ireland