Sunday Cycle March 23rd

SunCyc_Mar1614Meet at the usual place and usual time: City Hall at 9:00am.  If you are a beginner please come early

Over the last few weeks big numbers have been turning up for these cycles with people of very mixed ability.  For safety reasons it is not good to have more than about 10 cyclists in anyone group.  There have also been some issues with the pacing within groups and changing pace through the cycle.  We are giving some guidelines below in terms of pace and people should try to put themselves in an appropriate group.  In terms of distance the first group tend to do about 70-80km, the second group some where in the order of 60-70km and we are targeting cycles of about 30km for beginners. Approximate pace for the first group is typically of the order of 25-30km/hr, for the second group 20-25km/hour.  It is quite normal within the first group for the pace to pick up over the course of the spin, while a certain amount of re-grouping will happen from time to time as people are now focused of season’s training the group cannot wait for people who completely overestimated their capability. The 20-25 km/h group on the other hand will not drop anyone. The beginners route (~30 km) is geared towards those who have done little cycling before, who are building up fitness and cycling distance and who can not yet keep up with the 20-25 km/h group. – Consider which group is appropriate to you before coming out.

This Sunday there will be 3 groups: short beginners spin; Here’s an Angler’s rest route ~30km.

Second group 60 km, 20-25 km/h with coffee stop;

First group 70+ km 25-30 km/h probably without coffee or possibly coffee back in the city or close to the end.

In terms of discipline on the road, once clear of the city limits, the groups ride 2 abreast on the road with each pair keeping as close as possible to the pair in front. Periodically to share the load of riding into the wind the person in control of the group will call “roll up” when this happens the person in the front right position should move ahead of the person in the front left position (without sprinting to the front) everyone else on the right side of the group moves up one position.  On narrow roads when a car comes from behind the leader may call “single up” the group should assume single file.