Iron Distance Forum – Mardyke Arena March 26th 8:15pm

Katie_ChrissieThe club is organising an information night for the benefit of all club members taking part in full and half iron distance races this year.

We are asking that any club members who plan to or who have previously taken part in a full or half iron distance race could attend.

The purpose of the night is twofold:

– A Q&A session where newbies get a chance to ask questions of club members who have previously competed at full or half iron distance.

– An opportunity to network and meet fellow CTC members who will be competing in the same long distance race this year.

This session will take place in the Mardyke Arena Lecture room on Weds 26 Mar @ 8:15pm. (2nd floor)

In conjunction with this we would like to compile a list of all CTC iron distance athletes.

If you have previously competed in a full or half iron distance race, please email with the name of the race(s) and year(s) of competing.

If you would like to make yourself available to share your experience please state this and your email address will be shared, otherwise it will not be shared.

This list will only be shared with club members competing in iron distance races this year.