Run Q&A Session with Stephen Macklin Wed Feb 26th 8:30pm

stevenmacklinCTC will host a Q&A session with Stephen Macklin, Athletics Ireland Regional Development Officer for the Munster region.  The event will be held in the lecture hall in the Mardyke Arena at 8:30 on February 26th, this will give people time to take in the Wednesday run session before the Q&A.  Just to note there is no parking for attendees in the Arena carpark.  This is not a lecture it is very much a question and answer session.  So come along with your questions on running for Stephen, issues could cover:  peaking at the correct time, fitting run training into your tri programme, how important is run technique? periodization of a run programme, how much speed work for a triathlete, how far should the long run be for a sprint/Olympic/1/2 or full IM.  Just some suggestions, please think about issues you want discussed on the evening or the will fall flat.