Tempo Run Wednesday Feb12th

runner_mixApologies for the late posting this week.  There will be a run session this evening as usual, the storm is supposed to have blown over by about 3:00pm.  The park on the Lee Fields is still flooded so back to the Industrial Park on the Model Farm Road (same as last week).  This week’s set is a bit more complex than those to date;

Usual warm-up and 6x60m strides

Main set in 3 blocks

4 min with 2 min recovery (1/2 marathon pace)

2 x 2 min with 1 min recovery (10km pace)

4 x 1 min with 45s recovery (5km pace)

additional 1 min recovery between sets

Cool down

Please be on time some of the runners have a committee meeting immediately after the session so we will need to leave on time.  Meet at the usual place, opposite the Crow’s Nest and the usual time, 7:00pm