Saturday cycle, 8th Feb

Another weekend, another crap forecast.  The turbo trainer eyes me smugly from the corner of the kitchen, confident that we’re going to be spending more quality time together, just like last weekend.  I have other ideas…

I’ve been watching the forecast carefully for the last two days.  The outlook is slightly better than predicted earlier in the week.  Tomorrow is going to be cold and windy, without doubt.  Doesn’t look like there will be much rain though.  The wind is forecast to start out about 32kph but will build towards 40kph around lunchtime.

I’ve texted around and there are a few of the regulars who are on for giving it a go tomorrow morning.  If we get out the road and the conditions don’t look good, we’ll turn back…..with our turbos between our legs.

Here is a suggested route, to best leverage the wind on the return home:

Leaving City Hall  @ 8:30am.