Technical Officials Required

As most of you will know CTC organises two races every year, King of the Hill sprint distance in Kinsale in July and The Lost Sheep in Kenmare usually in September.  All races have to have Technical Officials, these are appointed by TI and are from other clubs.  One of the conditions set by TI to allow our races to be sanctioned is that we have to provide the names of 4 people (2 per race) who will act as TOs at other races.  To incentivise TOs TI provide free training and pay €50 per race plus mileage.  We already have two trained TOs and are looking for at least two others who are already trained or who will do the training for the coming season.  Anyone interested in contributing in this way please send their names to  Full text of the letter from Triathlon Ireland is given below:

Dear Race Organisers & Club Secretaries,

We will shortly be allocating Technical Officials to all races in 2014

As a condition for club races to be sanctioned, it is a requirement that a club put forward 2 of their club members for every race they run, to officiate at another race.  For example, if you are running 1 race, you will need to put forward 2 people, if you are running 3 races you will need to put forward 6 people etc.  If your club is running 1 or more races you are required to nominate the required number of club members who will be available to officiate at least 1 race next year.  As always, we would be grateful if you can provide more members where possible.

Can you please email me the names of your members who will be available to officiate at races next year by Friday 22nd November.  We will then contact them asking for races they will be available to officiate at.

We are holding 7 free training sessions from now through to April 2014, of which the nominated club members will need to attend one of the courses.  Details of these courses can be found here.

If you are a commercial/charity race (ie. not run by a TI affiliated club), we would be grateful if you can provide any of your race committee members to also officiate at a race next year.

To incentivise Technical Officials in 2014, we will continue to pay a rate of €50 plus mileage to every Technical Official for the race they officiate at.

We look forward to working with you and your club in 2014 to continue to run safe, fair and fun races.

Kind regards

Victoria Nolan