Swim video analysis with Gary Mason October 7th (non CTC event)

The next session, the first of the new season is now scheduled for Monday 7th October at 9:30pm at Brookfield Leisure Centre.

We hope you all had a successful summer but we also hope that this coming years you’re looking for more out of your swimming.

Swimming is a very technical sport, it takes most of us years get it right and your technique evolves as you grow in strength and watermanship.

That presents a great challenge for most of us adults with limited pool time available and so many other things to focus on.

But it also presents a great opportunity: a relatively small adjustment in your swim technique can mean a huge improvement in your efficiency of movement in the water. So you’ll get a lot further, faster for less effort.

We’d all like that wouldn’t we?

Getting your technique videoed and analysed is an incredibly powerful tool. The feedback given and development points will help you get the boost you need.

Contact Garry for more info gazmason@eircom.net