Swim Stroke Technique Course with Diarmuid Herlihy and Tom Cross

This is not a CTC Event                                                                    

Swim Stroke Technique Course Wednesday 11 September  2013. We cater for ALL freestyle swimming abilities. A new season of swim classes, for all levels of Triathletes, will commence on Wednesday September 11 at 8pm. The course will run for 6 weeks at Lota pool, Brothers of Charity, Lower Glanmire Road, Cork. (40min classes). The classes will improve your stroke and enable you to swim more efficiently – and as a result, faster. We will also give you advice on how to train correctly and smartly (Interval Training). The course will be run by Tom Cross[level 4 ASA Coach] and Diarmuid Herlihy [Level 2 Coach Level 2 Teacher ] Tom has been Involved in coaching swimming for over 30 years and currently manages and coaches the Munster High Performance squad for Elite swimmers aiming towards European World and Olympic standard. Diarmuid held the record for the fastest Gibraltar swim for over 6 years and has crewed for swimmers on the English Channel and The straits of Gibraltar. Both are involved in Coaching swimming and are Licensed & Insured by Swim Ireland.

The course will Focus on Identifying and correcting swim technique for all participants. All Swim Levels will be catered for. The key Objective will be to maximize propulsion and minimize resistance for all swimmers. The course will focus on the following areas : 1.Frontcrawl stroke technique (Body, Legs, Arms, Breathing, Timing and Coordination) 2.Increased stroke length (Correct recovery and propulsive phase) 3.Swimming faster and more efficiently (Gaining greater feel/catch of the water/greater stroke length) 4.Swimming aerobically (Correct breathing pattern) 5.Personalized training plans to suit ability. Anyone interested in the Lota swim course please email Diarmuid   at  willowd@gofree.indigo.ie or phone  Diarmuid at (086)0460333