Cycle TT route for 2014


At the Committee meeting last night after the TT the topic of the TT route came up, basically it’s perfect apart from the road surface, and that it’s getting to a dangerous level, with people swerving allover the road to avoid the holes.

So we are putting it out to all of you CTC members to come up ideas about possible alternative routes for 1014.  If you have an idea would you put together a little email where it could be run and a little plan/detail about what it would take to run it,

For example current TT is a 14km out and back with no junctions and a roundabout as the turnaround point and all is needed it two people to take times.

The most important thing about routes is safety also take into account how much traffic at the time it is run as well.

So put your thinking caps on and send in your ideas to admin(at)