CTC Away Race BBQ & Accommodation at Schull Triathlon



A BBQ is being arranged for all CTC members after the Club Away Race at Schull Triathlon in Grove House in Schull.

So we can get an idea of numbers and also so nobody has to handle collecting the money on the day could people please register here early.  There are about 90 people from the club registered for the race so it should be a great BBQ.

Usual BBQ food is being cooked and there will be wine and cans of beer (Heineken/ Carlsberg) available.If the weather is not playing along with us there is an indoor option so do not worry about our fickle climate.

Book for BBQ only €5


Also the Club has booked a number of holiday homes (Seaside Cottages) in Schull so people can arrived down the night before and be in no rush and more importantly stay down the night of the CTC Away Race at Schull.

They and can then enjoy the Race, BBQ and any other celebrating that people want to do and not have to drive home.

Beds are available for €55 for the two nights (Friday & Saturday), this includes the cost of the BBQ and are available on a first come first serve basis. There are about 90 CTC members registered for the triathlon so book early.

Book for 2 nights accommodation & BBQ €55