ChiRunning workshop

image001Cork Tri Club are wondering if it’s members would be interested in attending a ChiRunning workshop run by Master ChiRunning Instructor Caitriona McKiernan on 20th April.

A big mistake that people make when running is heel striking and this puts a lot of pressure and impact  on the lower legs, knees and hips.  With ChiRunning we learn to land mid-foot which is a much safer place to land because there is a lot less impact on the body. The workshop is all about learning to run efficiently, to reduce impact on the body and to prevent or clear up running related injuries. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to run with an easy efficient relaxed style and with less impact on their body.  It is a very relaxed informative day.

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The cost would be about €110/per person. Please email before Monday 4th February if this event would be of interest to you.