Swim Stroke Video Analysis Monday 17th December


Video analysis is an extremely useful tool to identify swim stroke issues limiting a swimmers performance in the water. It will also gauge progression and can be used as an initial assessment before undertaking a session of stoke classes.

15 swimmers maximum in a closed pool

Individual video recording by a professional photographer, Rob Lamb.

Each recording will be approx. 2 mins in length and will yield more than enough footage to allow a comprehensive analysis and appropriate stroke correction.

Each swimmer will be individually analysed by professional swim coach Garry Mason and he will hold a 10 minute consultation with the swimmer within 7 days or otherwise by appointment

Participants will have access to the raw footage – free download (DVD available at small additional cost)

The cost of this service is 50 – 80 (depending on level of analysis looked for) euro per swimmer and will be run on Monday 17th December 9:30—10:30 pm in Brookfield Leisure  Centre, College Road.

Please note this is not a CTC event, that said however a large number of members attended the last session and the feedback has been very positive, they found it very helpful.  The ability to actually see what you are doing (as opposed to what you think you are doing) is invaluable.  Also the analysis done by Gary Mason was extremely detailed, and well presented.  People felt the drills and exercises he gave to help with issues were helping (also you become more aware of making these mistakes since you have actually seen yourself do them)

Contact Garry Mason for booking and more information : gazmason@eircom.net