First Night of the Summer(?) TT League June 21st

First night of the TT Summer League, little bit of difficulty with some of the names on the list. If you are Paul ? let us know and we will make the correction.

Joanne Hegarty  28.08
Jane McGrath 25.42
Karina Tehan 25.27
Eoin Lehane 26.28
Barry O’Sullivan 25.19
Steve Evans 24.17
Katie Cooke 20.46
Donal Sheehy 20.34
Tevor O’Mahoney 19.3
Peter Russell 21.22
Ciaran O’Callaghan 23.14
Adrian Quinn 21.13
Jeff Castles 23.09
Rory Kennedy 25.12
Shane  O’Connor 30.1
Paul ? 21.42
Richie Carey 21.25