Triathlon Masterclass May 12th Venue to be confirmed

GE Healthcare which has partnered with Cork Tri Club,  won the GE Corporate Triathlon challenge on the London Olympic Course last year.  As part of the prize they have won  a Triathlon Masterclass, the class will be provided by personnel from Triathlon Ireland plus a local athlete(?), the venue is yet to be confirmed.  GE has offered Cork Tri Club 8 places on the masterclass.    The Masterclass will be free of charge to those who get the slots.   Please give your gear size in the application (Small, medium or large – male/female).  Applications should be into the email address before Tuesday of next week April 24th.  As soon as the club has any more information on content, venue and names of course instructors it will be posted here and on the Club Facebook Page.

There is now registration for this course at the following location: