2011 Membership now open

Please go to the Club Membership page for further details.

Membership message from Triathlon Ireland
To all Members,
If you have membership with Triathlon Ireland, and were not able to attach yourself to a club at the time of applying for your membership, you are now able to log into your membership and do this.
· To log into your membership, simply go to the ‘membership’ option on our home page menu and then select ‘members area login’.

· If you cannot remember your login, please select the option ‘forgot/change password’ from the membership menu.

· Once you have logged in, simply attach yourself to your club. Please take care when selecting your club, as this field on your member record is only “one-time” editable ie once you select your club you cannot change it – members are not permitted to change the club they score National Series points for throughout the season – and can only have their individual ranking points attributed to one club through the 2011 National Series.