Sticky: Technical Officials Required

In order that both The King of the Hill and The Lost Sheep races be sanctioned by Triathlon Ireland, Cork Tri Club needs to provide four club members to officiate as Technical Officials at other TI sanctioned races during the 2011 season.

Training for the Technical Officials will be provided by TI and training courses will be held in Cork on the following dates.

  • Jurys Inn, Anderson Quay, 19th Feb ’11
  • Jurys Inn, Anderson Quay, 9th April ’11

Anyone can attend and training is free to both TI members and non TI members.
To register for the Technical Official course, please go to the Triathlon Ireland website
The following is the expense entitlement that is available for Technical Officials (according to the TI website):
– Free training
– Payment of 50 Euro per race for which you are a Technical Official
– Accommodation: All claims must be approved by Triathlon Ireland before booking and paying for accommodation.
You must provide the original receipt (no photocopies or credit card/bank account statements accepted)
– Travel: up to 150 miles per return journey (mileage above this must be approved by Triathlon Ireland before going ahead with travel)
– Telephone: up to 10 Euro without receipt (above this amount, you must provide a receipt/proof of charges)
Its important that the club races are sanctioned by TI. We need to get the names of four volunteers to TI by 10 Feb.

If you would like to volunteer to be a technical official please send an email to admin @ expressing your interest.

Your support in this is appreciated.