New 2 Group Cycle

The next new2group cycle will be Saturday 23rd Feb, Lidl carpark Ballincollig 10:30am

Please register by emailing

Ironman Q&A Session

Following on from recent requests from club members and, with the increased interest in long distance endurance events, such as Ironman Youghal, the club have arranged an informal Q&A session for members.
This will be beneficial for anyone who has an interest in someday taking part in a Long distance event or for people to learn from recently raced events.

Topics covered will include
– General guidance on training models
– Nutritional and Hydration advice on pre-race and during-race fuelling
– Strength and Conditioning advice
– Benefits of a good taper, rest and recovery
– Equipment and clothing advice
– Target race information
– Networking opportunities for like-minded potential training partners

The session will be run as a Q&A session so, to get the most out of it, it would be good if attendees had questions in mind before the session.
There will be 5-6 club members in attendance to share their stories and advice, all have completed multiple Ironmen races, including the recent Kona World Championship event.
Each speaker will outline their long distance experiences and will take Q&A thereafter.

All welcome and a great opportunity to learn from others who have been through it before.

Kick off at 8pm in Highfield RFC on Wed 27th Feb after club run.

Facebook event here

Sunday Cycle 17th Feb

It is fantastic to see a large number of new members joining the club so it is timely to provide everyone with a few reminders regarding our group cycles. Our number one priority is a safe and enjoyable spin for everyone so we would appreciate if you would read and familiarise yourself with the club cycling code of conduct.

The following should also be noted:

  • No properly fitted, approved standard helmet – No spin
  • No bar end plugs – No spin
  • Do not cross the centre line. Doing so in a race will result in an automatic DQ and on a group ride will incur the wrath of the group leader, not to mention the obvious possible consequences.
  • Please choose your group realistically based on your current fitness level and ability to maintain the posted average speed and distance taking into account the elevation gains. Do not overestimate your ability. The nominated ride leaders have full authority to request individuals do not ride in a particular group and their decision is non-negotiable. Do not be offended. This is for your own and the groups safety and enjoyment.
  • Should you be in a shorter/slower group because you are on a recovery ride or just fancy something shorter/slower do not put the others in the group under pressure.
  • Carry out an “M” check on your bike prior to setting out and repair any defects before arrival.
  • Identify and indicate early any obstacles and road hazards and pass these calls through the group. If you are unsure of the calls, ask.
  • Cover your brakes at all times when in the group and be prepared for unexpected movements by the rider in front. Not everyone has the same high level of bike handling skills as you. Follow only as close as you feel comfortable.
  • Do not use aero bars unless you are on the front of the group.
  • Everyone will get dropped at some stage but no one stays dropped. Our group rides are not a race. If someone is dropped slow the pace to allow them to regather the group or at the top of a climb stop in a safe place and re-group before proceeding.
  • Dress appropriately for the forecast weather conditions. We have had a number of cold wet days recently and not to sound dramatic but hypothermia is a real possibility and danger and not much fun. In temperatures with a realfeel below 10 degrees you should at a minimum be wearing long cycling pants, a thermal base layer, thermal jacket, gloves and some form of warm head covering under your helmet.
  • Carry ICE (In case of Emergency) information on your person. This should ideally be taped to your bike or helmet for ease of access should it be required.
  • As a matter of courtesy please wait until you are at the back of the group before clearing your nostrils and please refrain from wearing white shorts in the rain. 

As always newcomers and guests are welcome on our group rides however we would ask you contact the club prior to your first ride with your details including phone number on All guests will be required to complete our sign on sheet and abide by the cycling code of conduct. Any person breaching these requirements or acting in a manner which puts themselves or others in danger will be asked to leave the group. No exceptions. No discussion.
Remember, on the road the ride leaders decisions are final. We would request you listen to them, they are there to help.

This weeks routes are a little shorter than recently but no less punchy. With a stiff southerly predicted there may even be a few PB’s on the Liberties heading home. Coffee for all at O’Briens Service Station on the Bandon Road. 
Every week we will have a focus on one aspect of bike safety and riding skills. We will start off with bar end plugs – make sure you have them, and how not to half wheel in a group. If you are unfamiliar with the term fret not all will be explained.

Thanks to this weeks leaders: 
Short avg pace 20-22kph- Brid Normoyle
Medium avg pace 24-26kph – Tom O’Connor
There will be a 2nd Medium group avg pace 26-28kph – Noel Finnegan
Long average pace 28kph+ Ivan Kelleher

Rolling at 9.00am sharp so please arrive early to organise and for the briefing.

Wednesday Run 13th February

Hopefully an improvement in the weather after last week’s deluge. Straightforward session still at 25 minutes at tempo with 50% recovery time. Just for information with H&S becoming more important in the sporting world there is a risk assessment and emergency action plan for the sessions on the club google drive. What would be really useful is if anyone has any particular medical issues to let the coach know at the start of the run. Meet at the usual times 6:30pm at the car park on the city side of the Kingsley Hotel or alternatively at 6:50pm at the first roundabout inside the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road. Please wear either some Hi-Viz clothing or some form of light, do not arrive dressed in all black!


Easy run from Straight Road to Business Park

6 x 60m strides

4 x 4 minutes at tempo with 2 minute easy recovery jog

3 x 3 minutes with 90s recovery

Coo down easy run back to Straight Road via Farranlea

Powerful Lady

Annemarie Power – Kona Race Report

It took me a while to write this race report because it took a while to process the whole experience. Personally I felt that I had a demanding 2018 race schedule considering the time available to train. To say it’s been a challenge to prepare for 2 Ironman events in 6 months would be a massive understatement. My main goal was to race well in Lanzarote and perhaps qualify for Kona. Delighted with 1st in age category and Kona bound.

I decided to give myself the opportunity to acclimatize to the heat and humidity and arrived 11 days prior to the race. Sean and I flew out following 25hrs of travelling, and arriving in Kona was a shock. I waited for my bike and luggage on the carousel I had to lie down on the bench at the airport, perspiring heavily in 35 degrees temp and humidity of 90%. Panic already began to set in!

There was a sense of anticipation in the air and as a first timer it was truly exhilarating. We soaked up all that was on offer, brunched, coffeed and became beach bums for the week. I was lucky enough to have met with other Irish competitors especially the infamous Owen Martin, who was very giving with his wealth of experience. I believe he has qualified for his 10th Kona in 2019.

Continue reading Powerful Lady

Club ride leaders

Every Sunday cycle group has ride leaders nominated in advance. We have a core group of delightful leaders as you can see! If you are new to our group cycles, you must make yourself known to the relevant ride leader in advance.

We need more club members to help lead our beginner spins, sharing is caring afterall. To lead a beginner spin, you must be in the club at least 2 years, be competent on a bike, knowledgeable about the planned route and have demonstrated you understand and implement good group riding skills in accordance with our cycling code of conduct & Ride Leader Responsibilities

You’d only have to do one week and it would help us a lot. You will be given a briefing in advance.
Please contact our Sunday cycle coordinators Bryce & Noel letting them know what date you are available or any questions.

CTC takes safety seriously.

Sunday Cycle 10th Feb

Looks like the wind will be from the northwest and there is a chance of rain but hopefully the strong winds will have dropped off by Sunday. Coffee stop will be Blarney.

Short route 50km/450m climbing

Medium route 70km/780m climbing

Long route 93km/800m climbing

All guests and newcomers are welcome to join our group rides but you must sign the guest sign-on sheet (max 3 times then you will need to join Triathlon Ireland and CTC through the TI website) and familiarise yourself and comply with our Cycling code of conduct . Usual t&c apply.

Thursday evening swim sessions - extended

We have been able to extend the number  of spaces available for the Thursday evening swim, coached by Bjorn Ludick of

The price is €30 for the remaining sessions

Register here

Wednesday Run February 6th

Last increase in time at tempo, up to 25 minutes. Well done to everyone who ran the Dungarvan 10 on Sunday, you need to estimate your own recovery. If you had not been running biggish mileage in advance you may not be fully recovered, individual decision! Meet at the usual places, 6:30pm at the car park on the city side of the Kingsley Hotel on the Straight Road or at the first roundabout inside the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road at 6:50pm. Wear Hi-Viz or some lighting. Run is suitable for all levels.


Easy run from Straight Road to Business Park

6 x 60m strides

3 x 5 minutes at tempo with 2.5 minute recovery jog

2 x 3 minutes with 90s recovery

2 x 2 minutes at tempo with 1 minute recovery

Cool down jog back to Straight Road via Farranlea

Kenmare Training Weekend March 22nd-24th

CTC’s winter training weekend takes place in Kenmare on the 22nd to 24th March.

Registration opens at 8pm this evening 3rd Feb. Be sure to book early, as there are limited numbers, for this popular weekend.

Full details of the training plan will be published closer to the weekend, but there will be swim bike & run training, along with a Pilates session. The sessions will be geared towards all levels, so if you are new, don’t be worried, there will be something for you, and it will be a great meet other members.

The accommodation will be self catering houses, with a mix of twin & double rooms. To help with room allocation, please indicate if you would like to share with someone, in a twin or double room.

CTC members only. New Members welcome, Join via Triathlon Ireland.

Register here