Leisureworld Churchfield Beginner swim sessions, Jan-Mar 15

Young_swimIt was evident after the Meet and Greet last week that there is significant demand for a another swim session specifically targeted at beginners, even with all of the other club swim sessions filled.

We have organised a further club session for Thursday mornings in Leisureworld Churchfield at 7am.  This block will run from Jan 29th through to Mar 19th (8 weeks) and will cost €40.


Wednesday Run January 28th

runner_mixHopefully we can keep the big numbers turning out for the Wednesday evening runs.  The weather is not supposed to be great but with any luck it will be good enough to get out.  A bit of variation in the intervals this week: Usual warm up run from the car park opposite the Crow’s Nest to the Business Park on the Model Farm Road.

6 x 60m Strides

7 min tempo with 2 min easy

5 min tempo, 2 min easy

2 x 3 min tempo, 90s easy between

4 x 1 min tempo, 30s easy between

Cool down, jog back to car park

Usual meeting time of 6:30, ready to run.

Additional Morning Swim Session

ChurchfieldWe have taken an additional swim session in Churchfield pool at 7:00am on Thursday mornings.  The main intention of this is to provide slots for some beginners just starting triathlon training.  Not all of the slots have been taken by beginners so we can open the booking to some of our more experienced members who would like to fit in extra swim training.  Brian Clifford will be on the deck, mainly to provide guidance for the beginners, but will also be able to put on a session for the others.  The pool booking is for eight weeks, starting this coming Thursday 29th January. Registration is on the website here.

Cycle racing with CTC

Sean-KellyIt’s no secret that there are some among us who like to rev their engine when on the bike…. no hill is encountered on a steady club spin that isn’t seen as a breakaway opportunity!

Those folks may be interested to learn that CTC has been registered with Cycling Ireland for the 2015 racing season.  This means that those members interested in racing can compete in our club colours and seek to amass points in A4/A3/A2/A1 cycling leagues.

One day event licences are available until Mar 31st.  After this date you must purchase a full Cycling Ireland racing licence in order to compete.  So if you’re curious about racing but not sure about investing in the full license, you have the option to try out a few races before the deadline.  The first big race on the calendar is the Lacey Cup, Tralee on Feb 22nd and we will have members there racing for CTC.

Cycle racing is a very different beast to triathlon.  Acceleration, power, strategy and skill play a bigger part in the competition.  A small group of club members have been racing for the last two years and while there has been only one victory thusfar, we’ve had a number of placings and gained a lot of experience along the way ;-)  We’re now extending invite out to other CTC guys and gals who might be up for the challenge.

If you are interested or have questions, please email webmaster@corktri.com.  We have also put together this document outlining some basic information about cycle racing.

Sunday Cycle January 25th with Beginner Cycle and Coaching for Intermediate Group

IMG_0932The cycle this Sunday is the one we intended to use last week before the frost intervened.  Out the old Dublin road through Glanmire and Watergrasshill, turning right just before Rathcormac onto the R626 back towards Midleton.  Take the backroad out of Midleton running parallel to the main road and coming onto the Cobh road just at Fota Golf Club.  This route is approximately 70km, the map shows 66km, this because the route finishes on this map at Dunkettle, route can be seen here.  The Beginner route starts out the same way to Glanmire but turns right in Glanmire onto the L3010 then takes a right and through Leemlara and back to Carraigtohill, route here. Coffee for both groups in Ballyseedy before the spin home. This week we have arranged some cycle coaching from Anthony O’Brien, a very experienced cyclist and CTC member. We have had three groups this past few weeks, this week, Owen Wallace and Catherine Redmond will lead the beginner group, usually there is a strong group which goes ahead. It is intended that Anthony will stay with the middle group to provide some coaching.

Saturday cycle, Jan 24

Cycle_toonThe spin from Douglas into the City Hall @ 9am last Saturday morning proved a touch more hair raising than I would have liked and so we revised our route to stay mainly on the roads… of a primary nature.

The forecast for this weekend is about one base layer warmer so hopefully we won’t encounter ice this time but it is still a possibility. Will hold off on choosing a route until we see conditions on the day.  Safety is the main priority.

Leaving City Hall @ 9am

Cycle safely!


Wednesday Run 21st January

runners2Run this week has a similar format to recent runs.  Hopefully this week the weather will be more forgiving.  For anyone beginning the sessions an is afraid they might not be up to the full run to the industrial park and back they could meet us at the roundabout nearest the entrance.  The group would expect to reach the industrial park at about 6:50pm. The full session is:

20 min run to warm-up (from Crow’s Nest to Model Farm Road)

6 x 60m strides

4 x 6 minutes with 2 min recovery jog in between

Easy jog to cool down

Meet at the usual time of 6: 30pm at the car park opposite the Crow’s Nest Pub

Beginner Swimming

LeisureworldIt looks like all of the current sessions of swimming have filled up.  We have made contact with Leisureworld and there may be the possibility of getting some more hours.  We would like to get a feel for what people would be more interested in morning sessions (7:00am) of evening sessions.  Email to brendan55oneill@gmail.com with Beginner Swim in the title and say a preference; morning or evening.

Swim Video Analysis with Garry Mason

Last year we did some video analysis session for the high performance group.  This was well received and general opinion was that it was worthwhile.  Garry Mason with whom many of you may have or are still doing swim sessions offers a video analysis service with 1:1 feedback after the analysis (not the same day).  We would need to get a minimum number to make this worthwhile and to get a club discount from Garry.  If anyone is interested in having this done they might email brendan55oneill@gmail.com and put “Video Analysis” in the subject line.  As far as I know the full price of the video plus analysis is something of the order of €75 if we get enough interested we would get a club discount plus the club could probably subsidise somewhat as well. Some video samples here.

Beginner Training Programme

Junior Tri April sessionAt the Meet and Greet evening on Friday we ran out of copies of the beginner training programme, this is available under the “Members” banner at the top of the website and from there go into the “Members Benefits” section.  There is a link there to the excel sheet.