Track Session Wednesday 31st August

Athletics Track_UCCOfficially the last track session of the season, there will possibly be at least one more to compensate for the missing week due to the hockey internationals.  In deference to those doing the Lost Sheep this weekend the session will be 400s.  Any competing should be conscious of tapering and just do a very light workout.  The full session will be 12 x 400m with 75s recovery between each.   If there are further sessions they will be posted on the web page and FB.


Easy 8-10 minute easy jog warm up

Dynamic Stretch

5 x strides

12 x 400m with easy 75s recovery jog

Cool down jog

Time Trial League Winners and Tuesday Evenings Fun Event (Aug 30th)

The winners of the time trial League.
Congratulations to the winners of the Time Trial Summer League for 2016.
The men’s winner is Will Rock.
The women’s winner is Katie Cooke.
We will have the prize giving on Tuesday night the 30th of August at 8 pm in The Elm Tree in Glounthane.
We have ordered finger food which will be served at 8pm.
The evening is a good chance to socialize so come down, even if you do not wish to take part in the time trial
Also there will be a draw from the names of the time keepers and prizes awarded.
The fun time trial.
Before the prize giving we will have a fun time trial at the usual time of 7pm.
This will be a handicapped time trial so if you are coming down to take part please let us know, on the night, your
best time for the course. We will have your best time for the course if you competed during the year.
There will be prizes for the fun time trial.

Sunday Cycle, Aug 28

12039565_903467206396044_3540691929157600668_nAlthough cloudy, Sunday is likely to be dry and mild with only a breeze coming from NNW.  There are two suggested routes that share much in common.

The long route is 80km long with 934m climbing.  One or two less well travelled roads.

The short route is 60km long with 652m climbing.

Leaving City Hall @ 9am.

Appeal for Marshals for the Lost Sheep – and a Great Weekend

21165662116_f01660ef5d_zWe are again asking club members and friends and relatives to register as marshals for the Lost Sheep Middle Distance race in Kenmare on Saturday September 3rd.  This is Cork Tri Club’s flagship race and winner, last year of “TI Race of the Year”.  Every year we tend to get all of the marshals we need but not before causing the race committees enormous stress because of late marshal registration!!  The weekend is a great social as well as sporting event.  Marshals are well looked after with:

  • Free self-catering accommodation for the weekend (Friday evening to Sunday)
  • Brunch/Lunch vouchers for Saturday
  • Dinner Saturday evening
  • Long Sleeve Technical Running Top

The weekend is great fun and an ideal opportunity for newer members to get to know others.  So if you can marshal and bring a friend or relative please register here

The sooner we have an idea of marshal numbers the sooner the race committee can put the final plans in place.  Please register as soon as possible.  Also if we have any medical doctors in the club who are prepared to act as race doctor would they make themselves known by messaging the CTC Facebook page with contact details.

Results of the Time Trial August 23rd

The results of the time trial on the 23rd August 2016 are as follows:
Deirdre Quinlan 27:14
Lorna Cummins 23:37
Noel Finnegan 22:47
Sinead Rock 24:50
Paul O Brien 24:24
Voytek Lange 26:02
Jacek Jabkiewcz 23:13
Steve Evans 22:22
Don Ryan 20:56
Amy Wolfe 21:24
John Carey 20:00
Will Rock 19:21
Marc Dalton 19:25
Ali Dorgan 24:48
Aidan O Riordan 23:11
Kieran Kennedy 22:42
Michael Scannell 23:10
Don Lapierre 19:32
Caroline Kilty 24:24
Helen Leonard 23:23
John Phelan 20:29
Jessica Bruton 23:55
Edwin Sutton 19:20
John O’Connell 19:58
Ed O’Mahoney 21:35
Catherine Redmond 23:15
Thanks to the timekeepers this week who were:
Declan O Connell, Ciaran O Callaghan and Cliodhna O’Gorman.
The time keepers for the Fun time trial next week are:
Aug 30 PJ Meaney, Marc Dalton, David Egan.
Thanks to all the time keepers who helped out over the summer.
The time trials cannot be held without your help.
This was the tenth and final time trial of the summer league.
The final results of the time trial league will be published later this week.
The time trial next week on Aug 30th will be a fun time trial.
More information on that to follow.

Track Session Wednesday August 24th

Athletics Track_UCCComing towards the end of this year’s track sessions, this is the second last one for the year.  This week the session is 800s with 90s recovery jog.  Session will have the usual format.  Meet at the usual time 7:00pm at the Sonia O’Sullivan track in the UCC Sports Grounds on the Mardyke.


Warm Up

Easy 8-1o minute jog

Dynamic Stretch

5 x Strides building through the set

Main Set

6 x 800m with 90s recovery jog

Cool Down

5-10 minute easy jog

Sunday Cycle, Aug 21

12039565_903467206396044_3540691929157600668_nBreezy and a bit of rain likely tomorrow.  It’s a westerly wind forecast and given the inclement conditions I’ll suggest two not too long routes.

Long route is 72km long with a very modest amount of climbing.

Short route is 62km on mostly the same roads with slightly less climbing.

Ballincollig or Bishopstown probably the best best for coffee.

Leaving City Hall @ 9am.

TT Standings as of 9th August


Name Total 21/06/2016 28/06/2016 05/07/2016 12/07/2016 19/07/2016 26/07/2016 02/08/2016 09/08/2016
Marc Dalton 588.4 96.0 94.8 98.7 95.5 100.0 98.2 100.0
John O’Connell 573.7 93.0 96.5 97.1 94.1 96.0 97.0
John Carey 565.1 88.8 100.0 95.5 91.6 94.9 94.4
Katie Cooke 565.1 91.1 92.7 94.9 91.9 95.1 94.8 95.5
Shane Bergin 543.6 97.4 90.7 89.9 87.8 89.2 88.6
Amy Wolfe 516.0 82.2 92.2 82.7 88.3 87.4 83.1
Steve Evans 512.6 82.8 92.1 83.7 82.9 82.5 86.9 84.3
Catherine Redmond 503.9 84.0 83.1 86.9 85.8 83.3 80.8
Will Rock 497.4 100.0 100.0 100.0 97.4 100.0
Donnacha Kiely 484.5 95.8 96.8 95.0 98.9 97.9
Jane McGrath 470.8 76.8 84.6 77.5 78.2 76.4 77.2 74.4
Ciaran O’Callaghan 462.3 91.2 93.1 90.8 93.8 93.3
Joyce Wolfe 441.4 92.1 83.1 87.9 87.7 90.6
Jeff Castles 436.1 83.7 93.3 86.7 85.5 86.9
Kieran Kennedy 434.7 96.3 83.1 82.7 86.9 85.7
Noel Finnegan 423.8 89.1 81.8 84.0 82.6 86.2
Kevin Fennessy 363.9 91.6 86.0 92.1 94.1
Noel O’Regan 355.4 86.0 89.5 90.6 89.4
Deirdre Quinlan 350.2 69.8 67.5 70.8 72.1 70.1
Thomas O’Connor 330.3 78.6 89.5 81.5 80.7
Eleanor Fennessy 319.8 79.4 79.8 79.0 81.5
Paul O’Brien 315.0 79.3 77.0 79.4 79.3
Michael Scannell 314.8 78.9 78.1 80.4 77.4
Brid Normoyle 309.8 83.8 76.3 75.4 74.3
Sinead Rock 306.3 74.2 77.9 75.6 78.6
Sean Finn 278.9 92.9 91.8 94.3
Andrew O’Leary 275.1 69.1 68.4 67.2 70.5
Ann Payne 274.7 67.6 67.5 69.6 70.0
Cliodhna O’Gorman 263.3 87.6 93.0 82.7
Lorna Wolfe 240.3 78.6 81.5 80.2
Don Lapierre 187.3 94.1 93.2
Peter Blissett 180.2 89.7 90.5
John Phelan 178.8 87.7 91.1
John O’Shaughnessy 177.6 87.3 90.3
Cathy Kenneally 170.8 88.1 82.7
Hilary Creedon 164.0 85.4 78.6
Caroline Kilty 159.6 80.0 79.6
Michelle Manning 151.9 74.1 77.8
Mark Nolan 100.0 100.0
Kevin Curran 99.6 99.6
Ed Sutton 99.5 99.5
Anne Marie Power 92.8 92.8
Stephen Lynch 89.3 89.3
Kiaran Kennedy 86.1 86.1
Michael Slomski 85.3 85.3
Alan O’Connor 85.2 1.4 83.8
Derek Lane 80.5 80.5
Andrea Rubio 65.9 65.9

re are the TT standings prior tonight’s event



Results of the Time Trial Tuesday 16th August

The results of the time trial on the 16th August 2016 are as follows:
Jane McGrath 25:37
Thomas O’Connor 24:49
Brid Normoyle 25:37
Ali Dorgan 25:07
Jess Bruton 24:36
Helen Leonard 25:06
Catherine Terry 23:36
Paul O Brien 24:14
Michael Slomski 22:17
Aidan Mangan 22:32
Katie Cooke 20:35
John O Connell 20:00
Lorna Cummins 25:17
John Phelan 21:22
Paddy Lehane 23:56
Andrea Rubio 28:09
Noel O Regan 21:53
John Carey 20:20
Don Lapierre 19:51
Donnacha Kiely 20:20
Brendan Hennessy 23:39
Marc Dalton 19:47
Will Rock 19:49
Amy Wolfe 22:14
Thanks to the timekeepers this week who were:
Lorna Wolfe, Declan O Connell and Deirdre Quinlan.
The time keepers for the next two weeks are:
Aug 23 Declan O Connell, Ciaran O Callaghan, Cliodhna O Gorman.
Aug 30 PJ Meaney, Marc Dalton, David Egan
This was the ninth time trial of the summer league and a good turnout with twenty four time trialists completing the course.
There is just one time trial left that count towards points in the league.
The last time trial on Aug 30 will be a fun time trial.
Points are awarded for each time trial and are awarded pro-rata, based on the fastest time on the night.
Your best six times out of the ten time trials will count towards your final score in the league

Track Session Wednesday August 17th

Athletics Track_UCCBack to the track this week.  Andrew will take the session in Brendan’s absence.  The session is for 12 x 400m with approximately 200m or 75s recovery.  Normal session format, but Andrew may have some variations.  Meet at 7:00pm at the UCC track on the Mardyke.


Easy 10 minute warm up jog

Dynamic Stretch


Main Set

12 x 400m with 75s recovery

Cool down easy jog