The Lost Sheep Marshal registration.

CTC_LogoNow that we have another hugely successful King of the Hill race under the belt, it’s time to start focusing on our club’s other race, The Lost Sheep. Held on 5th September, the race is fast approaching and so we need to start recruiting marshals right away. Preparations by the race committee are in their final stages and we need a list of people who are willing to help out on the day.

The Lost Sheep is one of the premier races in the country.  An extremely challenging course set in the beautiful Beara peninsula continually attracts some of the country’s top triathletes.  Each year many volunteers offer their time to help ensure this race is run to the highest standards.

So this year again we’re asking club members who are not racing and friends/family of members who are racing to please help out.  The club will look after all volunteers on race weekend:  accommodation for Friday and Saturday is provided, along with a lunch voucher on race day and meal out that night.  This year we’re also providing a ‘race crew’ long sleeved technical t-shirt for each marhsal.

Please supply your details below in order to be part of another great race this year.  Spread the word!

The lost sheep marshal registration



Track Session Wednesday 5th Aug

Run_HBPyramid session this week with each of the elements to be done at approximately 5km pace.  Shortest interval 400m, longest is 1000m.  Andrew will take the sessions for the next 2 weeks.  Meet at the usual time of 7:00pm at the UCC Track on the Mardyke.



Warm Up

10-15 min easy jog

Dynamic Stretch

5 x 60m strides

Main Set

400m with 200m recovery

600m with 200m recovery

800m with 200m recovery

1000m with 200m recovery

800m with 200m recovery

600m with 200m recovery

400m with 200m recovery

Cool Down

5-10 min easy jog

Sunday Cycle August 2nd

Cycle_toonWeather promises not to be great but you’ll feel great afterwards in the shower if you brave it out!  Newish route, a limit to the number of routes but this is a combination of some older ones.  Out to Farnanes, up the Windy Gap on to Carrigadrohed, back road to Macroom then in the main road to Cork.  Possibility of a coffee stop in the pub in Lissarda (Mai Fitz) before hitting the city.  Total distance about 8okm, route here:

Time Trial Results Tuesday 28th July

Results for Tuesday July 28th

Name Time
Deridre Quinlan 28:14
Marty Burke 27:47
Eleanor Fennessy 27:16
Jane McGrath 25:55
Kieran Kennedy 23:24
Catherine Redmond 24:16
Mark O Shea 24:27
Keith Lee 22:30
Ian Murphy 24:07
Michelle Manning 26:40
Hilary Creedon 26:42
Noel O Regan 22:44
Steve Evans 23:48
Ciaran O Callaghan 21:37
Don Lapierre 20:51
Will Rock 20:20
Jeff Castles 23:03
AJ Murphy 20:23
Matthew Kearney 21:25
Billy Carr 23:34
Peter Blisset 22:26

Please contact David Egan by email or by text on 087 9372402 to let him know when you can do time keeping.

Remember, all participants taking part in the time trials are expected to help with the timekeeping at least once during the year.

Track Session Wednesday July 29th

Aerial_trackSession this week is back to kilometres with 200m jog recovery.  They are supposed to be run at your 5km race pace.  Usual note to people to balance recovery and race preparation with the session they do on Wednesday evenings.  For anyone looking for a reduced set the suggestion would be 800s instead of the 1000s.  Session starts at 7:00pm on the UCC track at the Mardyke.



Warm Up

10-15min easy jog

Dynamic Stretch

5 x 60m strides

Main Set

4 x 1000m with 200m recovery jog

Cool Down

5min easy jog

Club Gear for Viewing at Aquathon Thursday

CTC Trisuit

CTC Trisuit

Katie Hickson who looks after all of the club gear will bring samples of what is available to the Aquathon on Thursday evening.  The range of club gear can be seen on the club website here.


Peak cap

Winter cycling tights

Winter cycling jacket

Bib shorts

Short sleeved cycling jersey

Tri Shorts

Tri Top

Tri Suit


Wool Mix Casual Jacket (New)

Waterproof Gilet (New)

Aquathon Thursday July 30th

Aq_June19_startNext in the Aquathon Series, Thursday July 28th at the Dock beach at 7.30

Timekeepers needed for Tuesday TT (July 28th)

TT_July1515Please contact David Egan by email or by text on 087 9372402 to let him know when you can do time keeping.
Remember, all participants taking part in the time trials are expected to help with the timekeeping at least once during the year.

Thanks to King of the Hill Committee and Helpers

Early in transition KotH 2015

Early in transition KotH 2015

Just a brief word of thanks and congratulations to Brian O’Sullivan and his King of the Hill team, key members Rory Galvin as Chief Marshal and Aoife Mahony as Administrator, for a great race today. It is impossible to name everybody so I have just picked out the race committee.  It was a particularly difficult run into the race, first with part of the road on the bike course falling into the estuary, causing road closure and the need to find a new bike course at VERY short notice.  Then with Brian putting up notices on the new bike course at 11.00pm at night and the County Council taking them down the next day., I think I would have gone on holiday at that stage.  Added to that being left short half the barriers needed for the road and transition. Well done to all of the club members plus friends and family who turned up to marshal today, great job well done plus plenty of encouragement to those of us who raced.  Of course well done to all of our racers who did really well with plenty of representation in the category winners.  Feedback on the new bike course has been very positive.  Some very positive comments on the CTC FB page already.  Again well done to all involved at whatever role, roll on Lost Sheep in Kenmare, no pressure, Cathy, Kelly, Jim and Jason!!


Registration for King of the Hill

Just a reminder that registration for this year’s race will take place at the Edge superstore, Kinsale Road Roundabout on Friday 24th July between 6pm and 8pm.