CTC Christmas Party 2015

CTC_Logo_200_200With the 2014 edition still being spoken of in hushed tones at the recent club AGM, it’s worth noting that registration for the CTC 2015 Christmas Party is now open.  The plan is as follows:
Date:Saturday 28th November
Venue:  The Blue Haven, Kinsale with pre drinks at Electric in the city from 6pm.  Bus leaves for Kinsale from outside the Imperial @ 7pm.  Should any members be interested in staying down in Kinsale for the night, the Blue Haven are providing discounted rates of €59 for a single to €100-€160 for a double for CTC members.
Cost:  €40 for the meal and drinks and €50 if you’re also availing of the bus up and down.  On the journey home there will be one drop off point in Douglas before arriving in the city.
Plus ones are, of course, welcome to attend also!

Weekend cycles, Nov 28th and 29th

12039565_903467206396044_3540691929157600668_nSeeing as the club Christmas party is on this Saturday night, the chances are that not everyone will fancy a long spin on Sunday morning.  For that reason, we’re proposing to move the club cycle to Saturday for this week only.  Unfortunately, the forecast doesn’t look quite as favourable as last weekend.  There’ll be a stiff WSW wind and some rain is likely at the start.

Here are three options for routes of varying distance.  As always, the long route is the most ‘interesting’.  It’s likely to be a tough slog heading out against the wind but it should be a fast return home with the wind at our backs.

Short – 64km, 667m climbing

Medium – 76km, 723m climbing

Long – 96km, 1018m climbing

Regardless of the route you choose, we should all end up returning on the same road back to the city and a coffee stop somewhere in Bishopstown is most likely.

Leaving from city hall on Saturday @ 9am.

There will more than likely be a few members also heading out at 9am on Sunday from the City Hall.  Keep an eye on Facebook for updates.

CTC Warm Weather training 2016 – Update

CTC_Logo_200_200Tri Training Harder have offered us a 25% discount on the standard individual price for a group of 9 or more.  We’re currently have just over that number expressing a genuine interest in the trip, but of course, not all of those are guaranteed to sign up so the invite is still being extended to all club members and non-club members alike.

Details so far:

  • Standard cost: £745 (Single week training holiday)
  • Discounted cost:  £558.75…which comes in just under €800
  • Dates are set at Mar 17th – 24th.
  • Return flights from Cork currently cost approximately €160.
  • Accommodation – “All of our camps come with fully catered accommodation in our luxury 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, where each room sleeps 2. With the basic package you are given a single bed in a shared room. If you would like a little more privacy during your stay then you can upgrade to have either a private room or an entire private apartment.”
  • Bike rental is available but will cost extra.
  • Non-training attendees catered for.

See their site for more details.

Wednesday Run Nov 25th

HillsBit of a change of tack this week.  The plan is to do some hill repeats.  These will be done on the laneway running parallel to Sunday’s Well Road.  Meet at the usual place; the car park opposite the old Crow’s Nest Pub at the end of the Straight Road at 6:30pm.  As a warm up we will do a lap round the walkway onto Model Farm Road, just nip into the Business park to see if anyone is waiting there and continue on to the Sunday’s Well road.  At the laneway we can begin the hill repeats and after an easy jog back to the car park.  Katie Hickson will lead the session this week.

Saturday cycle, Nov 21

Sean-KellyFor anyone who is looking to bulk up their weekly cycling mileage, I will be heading out fairly regularly for a shorter, pacier spin on Saturdays.  The plan for tomorrow is to head for a 1h45min spin.  This will include a warm up and warm down with a nice chunk of Z3/tempo effort in the middle.  As the weeks progress, I will vary this with the ultimate goal of building fitness for the upcoming bike racing season (post on this to follow soon).  This spin is intended to complement the Sunday cycle and so will contain some intensity but will never be too long in duration.

Leaving from outside the Hawthorne bar @ 9am.

Sunday cycle, Nov 22

12039565_903467206396044_3540691929157600668_nHaving weathered multiple storms over the last few weeks, it looks like there will be some degree of reprieve with the weather this Sunday.  Clear skies and a moderate northerly wind is forecast but the temperatures are set to drop significantly, so be sure to bring sufficient layers.  I’ll suggest three different options which should cater for all attendees:

  • Short – 65km, 678m climbing
  • Medium – 90km, 1059m climbing
  • Long – 103km, 1123m climbing.

All the routes are scenic, taking in at least a couple of climbs with the longer routes also exploring some new roads near the Nagle mountains.

Leaving City Hall @ 9am.



Wednesday Run Session November 18th

Nov4_15Weather looks like it will have improved for tomorrow night.  Fairly straightforward session.  Meet at the usual time of 6:30pm at the car park opposite the old Crow’s Nest pub.

Steady jog from the Straight Road via the walkway to the Business park on the Model Farm Road.

6 x 60m strides

3 x 4 min tempo with 2 min recovery

4 x 2 min tempo with 1 min recovery

Easy run back to Straight Road via Farranlea

Membership 2016

CTC_Logo_200_200Membership is now open for 2016 for existing and potential new members.  For existing members their 2015 membership obviously takes them to the end of December, for anyone joining now the membership will be until the end of December 2016.  As usual membership is through the Triathlon Ireland website.  You first join Triathlon Ireland either taking out a full race licence (€60) or one of the other options available, student, junior, youth or a non-race membership.  remember if you take out a non-race membership you will have to take out a One-Day-Licence for every race you do.  When the option comes up you select Cork Tri as your club,  membership of CTC is also €60 for the year.  This is the first increase in membership in something like 10 years, up from €50 as agreed at the AGM.  In the intervening period activity at the club has gone from one or 2 events per week to a situation where there is something on every day of the week, sometime more than one activity, except Friday.  Any of these training events for which there is an additional fee are subsidised, as are the social events.  Club gear is also subsidised.  Junior membership remains at €20, unchanged.  As stated at the start of this post, existing membership is valid until the end of December, but it would be useful if people renewed their membership before registering for post Christmas sessions, swims, core, turbo etc.

CTC Warm Weather training 2016

CTC_Logo_200_200Around this time last year there was much discussion of a group training holiday in the sun being organised.  There were varying views on location and time of year to go, and in the end we couldn’t organise something that was of enough interest to a critical mass of club members.
This year we’re going to take a slightly different approach.  There are a couple of club members already signed up to going on a training holiday in Portugal next March with Tri Training Harder.  A group discount is available if we can get more people to join with this booking.  We’re suggesting that other club members who were thinking of going on a warm weather training holiday could join this booking and avail of the discount.
We will need to know numbers before we can agree on an exact discount but feel free to have a look at their site if you want to get an idea of what the full cost is.  Accommodation and food is included in the price.  The dates are already fixed at March 17th to 24th.  At the moment the cost of Cork-Faro return flights is €160.  If genuinely interested and available to travel on those dates, email webmaster@corktri.com sooner rather than later.  If we get an idea of how many might be interested in going, I can report back on discounts available.

Run/ Cycles This weekend 14th/15th November

There will be no official run this Saturday morning, for anyone interested the Park Runs continue every Saturday morning at 9:30am, in the Tramore Valley Park.  Entry is free, just log onto the website and print off your barcode.  Quite a few CTC members have been turning up for the runs.  For anyone confused, Tramore Valley park is the old Kinsale Road landfill site, the races are 5km and an ideal way to monitor form over the winter months.

There will be a cycle on Sunday morning as usual; leaving City Hall at 9:00am as with recent weeks depending on the mix of those who turn up we can divide into groups of equal ability before heading out.  Route has not been decided yet, Stephen may post a suggested route in the comments section on the Facebook page before Sunday morning, otherwise a route can be decided on at City Hall.