Sunday Cycle May 24th

Beginner_BikeSunday Cycle as usual, meeting at 9:00am at City Hall.  Bit busy this weekend no opportunity to prepare route, can be decided on the day.  Weather promises to be good, warm at least.  Depending on who turns up as with recent Sunday’s the group can divide at City Hall before departure or en route depending speeds and ability.

Core Fitness with Mike Peterson – Starting Thursday May 21st

S&CApologies for the delay in putting up this post.  These sessions get very good feedback from CTC members.

Starting Thurs 21st May for 6 weeks, 6pm -7pm Brookfield, €42
Contact Mike directly on 087 6355102 or

Results TT May 19th

Windy evening was a bit of a deterrent tonight.  Thanks to Kieran, Donncha and Stephen for time keeping.  Hopefully the summer weather will be back by next week.

Name Club Time
Eleanor Fennessy Cork Tri 00:28:01
Jane McGrath Cork Tri 00:26:20
Andrew O’Leary Cork Tri 00:27:38
Ronan Ryan Cork Tri 00:28:07
Michael Crowley Cycling Ireland 00:19:35
Ciaran O’Callaghan Cork Tri 00:22:32
Ian Murphy Cork Tri 00:24:15
Brendan O’Neill Cork Tri 00:24:46
Billy Carr Cork Tri 00:25:28

The time trials cannot be held without your support so please contact David Egan by email or by text: 0879372402 and let him know if you can do time keeping.

Thursday cycle, May 21

This week’s session is as follows:

  • Warm up, easy spin out to foot of climb in Kilumney
  • 2×4 min, recover on descent
  • 3×2 min, recover on descent
  • 2×4 min, recover on descent
  • Cool down, easy spin back to Curraheen.

The session protocol this week is similar to last week.  Odd reps overgear and even reps race pace.  The final minute of each rep should be at a high cadence but maintaining a good position, thinking about a good pedal stroke and keeping strong through your core. This session is all about quality of the reps so keep focused and working hard.

Meeting outside Curraheen greyhound track @ 6:30pm.

Wednesday Track Session May 20th

Run_HBAs we are now into the race season, with some people on recovery (Valentia and Carlow) and some people racing next weekend (Lough Cutra) members will have to make individual decisions about how much of the session that they want to do. This week is again a mixed set, of 600s, 400s and 200s.  Weather is supposed to start improving on so will hopefully will be ok for the ssession.


Full set below:

Warm Up

10-15 min easy jog

Dynamic Stretch

5 x 60m Strides

Main Set

3 x 600m, 200m recovery

4 x 400m 200m recovery

5 x 200m with 100m recovery

Cool Down

10 min easy jog

Sunday Cycle May 17th

Beginner_BikeNumbers are holding really well, nice group out last weekend on a new route.  Getting all adventurous now, another new route this weekend.  Little bit longer than usual at just under 9okm.  Route goes out through White’s Cross, Carrignavar, Killavullen, Mallow, Dromahane, Bweng and Blarney. Coffee in Blarney Woollen Mills. Meet at the usual time: 9:00am at City Hall. Let’s see what North Cork looks like from a bike,

Time Trial Results Tuesday May 12th

TTMay122015Almost perfect conditions for the second TT of the year. Great to see some new faces out.

Thanks to the timekeepers this week who were:

Brendan, Ann and Declan

The time keepers for the next few weeks are:

May 19 Kieran Kennedy, …., …..

May 26 …. , …., …..

Jun 02 …. , …., …..

The results of the time trial on the 5th May 2015 are as follows:

Name Time Club
Catherine Redmond 24.00 Cork Tri
Kirstin Jeffers 26.56 Cobh Tri
Frances Buckley 25.40 Cobh Tri
Ger O’Donnell 24.30 Cork Tri
Andrew O’Leary 26.50 Cork Tri
Steve Evans 23.09 Cork Tri
Kieran Kennedy 22.54 Cork Tri
Eleanor Fennessy 27.25 Cork Tri
Kevin Sweeney 23.00 Cork Tri
Jeff Castles 22.00 Cork Tri
Donncha Kiely 21.20 Cork Tri
William Rock 20.08 Cork Tri
Ian Murphy 24.22 Cork Tri
Adrian Quinn 21.00 Cork Tri
Ronan Ryan 24.09 Cork Tri
Michael Crowley 19.27 Cycle Ireland

The time trials cannot be held without your support so please contact David Egan by email or by text: 0879372402 and let him know when you are available to do timekeeping.

Remember, all participants taking part in the time trials are expected to help with the timekeeping at least once during the year.

Wednesday Track Session May 13th

AthleticsUCCTrackSlightly more complex set this week with a mix of 800s and 200s.  The 800s at tempo (5km race pace) and the 200s “hard”.  There are three sets, 3 x (800m and 4 x 200m).  Suggestion for a reduced set for those that want it 3 x (600m and 4 x 200m).  Weatherwise Wednesday promises to be the best day of what looks like a pretty poor week.


The full session is below:

Warm Up

10-15 min easy jog

Dynamic Stretch

5 x 60m strides

Main Set

3x {800m with 200m jog recovery; 4 x 200m with 200m jog recovery}

Cool Down

10 min easy jog

Meet at the usual time, 7:00pm at the UCC track at the Mardyke


Weekly bike sessions

Sean-KellyAs I mentioned last week,  we’re looking to rejig the Monday hill repeats to better accommodate the Tuesday time trials which have just started.  The goal is to provide two quality mid week club bike sessions and allow people enough time to recover in between.  I consulted with Harry Wiltshere on this and here is his advice:

Session 1 (The Time Trial)
For athletes racing Sprint and Olympic then the time trial once a week is a perfect session.  For athletes focusing on a half or Ironman then it is still very important to do the speed work,  but not at the expense of getting miles in.  If longer distance athletes can get a ride done before they time trial so that they can get both then that would be brilliant, alternatively if time doesnt’ allow the longer distance athletes to ride before the effort then perhaps alternating one week time trial, one week longer evening ride would be best.   For everyone, running off the bike would be really beneficial.  I would suggest some short fast efforts followed by an easy jog. I will start adding these to the club training programme.  The other crucial thing is a really good warm up, e.g.    
Team Sky 15k Prologue Time Trial Warm-up Protocol 
10 Mins Light spin
8 mins build, the final minute should be a best effort 
2 mins easy 
2 mins easy to include 3×6 second accelerations to Max
3 mins easy 
Aim to start T.T as soon as possible after the WU. 
Session 2 (The Hill Session)
Athletes racing Sprint and Olympic would benefit from a second short, sharp effort session (like the hill reps) whilst those racing longer would be better with longer tempo efforts in a time trial position.  So how we structure this second session depends on what sort of split you have in the group.  The hill session I have provided for this week consists of shorter, sharper efforts.  As the season develops, the aim of the overgear then the high cadence is to develop strength and power without loosing the fast twitch and ability to pedal smoothly (…which you have to do not to bounce up and down at the really high cadence.  If you have a dead spot in your pedal stroke, you bounce.) 
So regardless of whether you’re interested in Sprints, Olympics or longer distances, I think this gives good advice and structure for both sessions.  Harry agreed that it would be best not to have hills and the TT on consecutive evenings so, of the limited options we have left, I’m proposing to run the hill session on Thursday evenings.  Of course, this won’t suit some people.  Apologies.  Scheduling is hard.  If it’s looking like after a few weeks that Thursday evening isn’t working for a lot of people, we can look at switching to Friday, perhaps.
The hill session for this week is as follows:
  • 4×2 min w. 30s recovery
  • 4×3 min w. 1 min recovery
  • 2×4 min w. 90s recovery

Odd reps overgear and the even reps at race pace.  The final minute of each rep should be at a high cadence but maintaining a good position, thinking about a good pedal stroke and keeping strong through your core. This session is all about quality of the reps so keep focussed and working hard.

I’ll be leaving from the City Hall @ 6pm on Thursday evening and heading for a 1hr steady spin out to the meeting point for the hill reps.  Anyone who is similarly aiming for longer distance races is welcome to join.  The meeting point for the hill reps is outside Bridgies bar in Ballygarvan @ 7pm.  From here we have a choice of a number of hills to work with.  I recommend that people cycle out to this meeting point as the warm up is a vital part of any interval session.

Try a Tri Salad Appeal!!

Dock-Beach-KinsaleReminder about our Stop-and Go, Try-a-Tri on Sunday, May 10th, at 4:00pm.  The event is being is being held at the Dock Beach in Kinsale, there is a map and directions on the original post.  The event is specifically targeted at beginner triathletes who would like to get a feel for and experience what actually happens during a triathlon, in a non-competitive environment.

If you are a beginner please try to get there a little early (3:45pm).   Also refer to our original post for the list of things to bring.  You must have a wetsuit, no suit no swim, obviously a bike but you must also have a hard shell helmet, no helmet no cycle! No point in sugar coating it but the water will be cold, if you have a neoprene swim hat bring it.  The club will provide (free of charge) multiple swim hats if you don’t already have them. 

There will be a BBQ after the event, CTC will provide bbq’d meat but if coming in groups maybe bring a little salad and something sweet for after.  There will be plenty of water provided but if you think you might need a warm drink, bring bring a flask of tea or coffee.

For non-club members we will ask you to sign a guest sign-on/disclaimer form.  For any juniors coming (U18) a parent must sign the disclaimer.

We are also appealing for as many of our experienced members to come along and help out, particularly with the swim, where we will try to “buddy up” experienced with beginners. even if you are only in your second year it would be great for you to come along and chat to the newcomers and  take away some of the fear factor for those just starting out.

Everybody welcome, but you should feel confident to swim 300m, this equates to 12 lengths of a 25m pool.