Garry Mason swim sessions – Registration open for Jan/Feb block


Registration is open now for Gary Mason swim sessions starting Monday 2nd March 2014.

Monday 2nd of March – Beginners stroke sessions will focus on breathing, timing and making stroke as efficient as possible reducing drag and increasing propulsion – 12 places 19:30-20:30. Register

Wednesday 4th of March – Beginners/Intermediate stroke sessions  will focus on Body position, Timing ,Recovery and propulsion – 12 places 19:30-20:30 Register

Cost is €50 for 6 sessions for club members only.

Fins are required for all sessions.  Minimum requirement is to be able to swim 50 m non stop for beginners and 100 m for Beginners/intermediate

Kenmare Training Weekend, Mar 20th-22nd

Shaughz_KenM_PierTime for the annual club training weekend in Kenmare.  Why go?

  • It’s an opportunity to get a substantial block of training in with fellow clubmates, some of whom you may have met before, some you may have not.  The number of club members actively taking part in club training sessions has been on the increase in the last few years and you’re sure to meet others who have similar goals to you; be that sprints, olympics, Ironman, bike racing…or just a bit of craic.
  • Whether your training is in full swing or you’re struggling to motivate yourself to get out at the minute, you should be able to find some training partners at your level who will help motivate and push you.  The more members that attend, the more different paced groups we can have.
  • Kenmare provides a great base to do some quality training and to eat, drink and recuperate afterwards

Cost : €70 (covers accommodation and dinner on Saturday night)

Accommodation: Orchard grove, Kenmare

Plan for weekend:
Friday evening: Option of cycle from Cork to Kenmare (to be confirmed)

Saturday AM:
Group Cycles
Saturday PM:
Core Class with Mike Peterson & Run Session
Sunday AM:
Brick session; longish cycle (2-2.5 hours) with 30min run off the bike,
shorter for beginners, 1.5 and 20min

Next Set Of Garry Mason Swim Sessions

We are having some difficulties getting the registrations up on the website.  For anyone interested in getting to these sessions see the notice below and please get in contact with Garry directly at his FaceBook Page (Baldyheaded Swimmer) or by email:

Monday 2nd of March-beginners stroke sessions-focus on breathing ,Timing and making stroke as efficient as possible reducing drag and increasing propulsion
– 12 places 19:30-20:30.
Wednesday 4th of MarchBeginners/intermediate stroke sessions-focus on Body position, Timing, Recovery and propulsion
– 12 places 19:30-20:30 Register
Cost is €50 for 6 sessions for club members only.
Fins are required for all sessions.
Minimum requirement is to be able to swim 50 m non stop for beginners and 100 m for Beginners/intermediate

Wednesday Run February 25th

greek_runAnother huge crowd last week well managed by James.  The session this week is a pyramid set with varying recovery between tempo runs. Meet at the usual time of 6:30pm at the car park opposite the Old Crow’s Nest pub


Warm up

Jog to the Technology Park

6x60m strides.

Main set:

1 min w. 30 recovery

2 min w. 60s recovery

3 min w. 90s recovery

4 min w. 2 min recovery

5 min w. 2 min recovery

4 min w. 90s recovery

3 min w. 60s recovery

2 min w. 45s recovery

1 min w. 1 min recovery

Cool down

Easy run back to car park

Sunday Cycle 22nd February with Beginner Cycle

Cycle_toonBack to the Kinsale route for this week’s Sunday spin. There are three options when we use this route, long spin by going through Inishannon and taking a left after the village to Ballinadee and on to Ballinspittle, choice again here of going directly to Kinsale or through Garretstown, route can be seen here. If the numbers hold up as recent weeks there will probably be at least three groups if not more. There is an intermediate option of taking a left before Inishannon and heading through Dunderrow. There will be a beginner cycle again this week, this is being led by Sean Hickey and AnneMarie Power, the shortest option heads to Kinsale by turning left at the Half Way roundabout. Last time we used these routes we had the coffee stop in Belgooley, this gives us the additional option of a variation(s) on the journey home, this can be decided on Sunday morning. Again for beginners please bring spare tubes, tyre levers, and a pump, also take some calories in the form of gels, banana or cereal/energy bar.

Wednesday Run February 18th

Run_HBA huge number turned out for the session last week. It is great to see people at all levels participating, the location ensures that no one really gets dropped through the session as people spread out on the loop and find their own level. Again beginners are welcome, if they would prefer not to do the jog to the Technology Park (Model Farm Road Technology and Business Park) they can go directly there and meet the main group which arrives usually between 7:50-7:55pm. The main group meet at the car park across the road from the old Crow’s Nest Pub at the city end of the Straight Road at 6:30pm, come ready to run. Brendan not here this week the session will be lead by James. Some of the session is labelled as “hard” effort people need to decide for themselves to actually go hard or maintain the effort at tempo!
This week’s session:
Warm up
Jog from Straight Road to the Technology park on the walkway

6 x 60m strides

Main Set
10 mins tempo w. 2 mins easy jog,
3×2 mins hard w. 60s easy jog,
10 mins hard. cool down:

Cool Down
Jog back to car park

Triathlon Seminar: Preparation, Training and Racing Triathlon with Trevor Woods: Wed March 11th 8:15pm; Mardyke Arena


DSC_5758Trevor Woods is the Exercise Physiologist in UCC as well as one of the foremost triathletes in Ireland for the past 20 years.  Trevor’s list of victories and achievements would run to several pages and too long for this item.  This talk has developed over the years from an introduction to triathlon to a general talk on how to get the most out of training and racing. There will be information on how best to prepare, train and get the most out of the season.  This seminar is open to CTC members and non-members



For those in CTC who are following the DTT training programme issued with the weekly email there will be a brief Q&A session after Trevor’s talk


Saturday Cycle February 14th

Cycle_toonDue to unfortunate circumstances our usual post person is unable to put the notice up.  A few people have contacted in relation to the spin.  Suggest meeting at the usual time of 8:30am at City Hall, from a non-Saturday cyclist, suggesting this route, out to Bandon then on to Kilbritain and from there to Kinsale. This route is about 90km, to lengthen it, the option to go to Timoleague rather than Kilbritain, should take it up to about 100km.  Route suggestion

Sunday Cycle with Beginner Cycle February 15th

Beginner_BikeLooking forward to another big group on Sunday.  Weather is getting milder so no bike skating this week.  The main route is one that we have used before with a bit of a twist at the end.  Route is out to Halfway then on to the back road through Crossbarry on to Bandon.  Then out the Dunmanway Road for a few kms then turning left towards the main Clonakilty Bandon Road.  Instead of heading to Inishannon on the main road, take a back(hilly) road and come into Inishannon at the bridge.  Option of stopping in Bandon for coffee or continuing to the Amber Service Station at Bishopstown, route here: For the the beginners, the leaders are John O’Shaughnessy and Joanne Hegarty, the route starts out the same way but only goes as far as Brinny then cuts across directly to Inishannon and can be seen here: The usual meeting time of 9:00am at City Hall, if you are a beginner try to get there a little early to give us a chance to organise. Will probably use the same format as Anthony advised last week with the strong pack starting out 5min behind the main group. Again for beginners, bring spare tubes, tyre levers, and a pump. Also we have had a few of the beginners bonking after 25km or so (It’s not as naughty as it sounds) so bring some kind of energy source, banana, cereal bar, a gel whatever will give a bit of a boost.

Wednesday Run February 11th

runner_mixStill great numbers turning up for the runs in spite of the cold of recent weeks.  The weather this weeks looks a little warmer, might encourage even more to show.  For any beginners who feel it might be a little too much I would suggest heading straight to the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road, there we run multiple laps of about a 1km loop so no one really gets dropped or left behind.  There is even possibly parking space there as the businesses are quiet at that time of the evening.  The session starts at the roundabout shown on the route map here: Meet at the car park opposite the old Crow’s Nest Pub at the city end of the Straight Road, ready to run at 6:30pm for those who chose to go directly to the Business Park the group gets there at about 6:50/55pm


Warm-up: Jog to the Businesss park

6x60m strides.

Main Set:

2×6 mins, w. 90s easy

2×4 min, w. 90s easy

2x2min, w. 60s easy

2×1 min, w. 30s easy

Cool Down: 

Jog back to the Crow’s Nest