Group Turbo sessions, Nov/Dec 2014

Cycle_toonSeeing as the group turbo sessions experiment worked so well last winter, we’re going to continue with them this year.  These offer a fantastic opportunity to get in some bike mileage on dark, wet and cold winter nights while not being confined to the garden shed!

All abilities are welcome.  At this time of the year we will be focused on good pedalling technique and starting to lay down the foundations of strength and aerobic fitness that will be built on as we head into next season.  There’ll be little in the way of ‘eyeballs out efforts’ and no one is ever going to get dropped!

These sessions will be structured and will progress from week to week.  This early base building block, in particular, tends to be quite social as you’ll be able to breathe and talk for most of the session.  I can’t promise the same for next block ;-)

Sessions will take place Monday nights from 7pm to 8:30pm in the Highfield RFC hall.  We will begin on time, so it is strongly advised to arrive at least ten minutes early to allow time to set up.

All that is required is a bike, a turbo trainer and a towel.

The cost is €24 for eight weeks, starting on Nov 3rd 2014.
If interested, please register here.

Club Run Wednesday 22nd October 6.30pm

greek_runMeeting at the usual place, the carpark on the city side of the Straight Road opposite the old Crow’s Nest Pub.  Remember the earlier meeting time of 6.30pm.  We might just have enough light left to get off road and on to the path behind the Tennis Village and continue behind CIT, probably the last week we will manage that!

Saturday cycle, Oct 18

I’M done.

No longer shall I be shackled to flat, boring main roads behind tri bars!

Mainly as a treat to myself, I’m pitching this route as a suggestion for the Saturday spin.  It’s lumpy and has a lovely café in Monkstown near the end.  This came from one of the days earlier in the summer when we sought out roads less travelled.  There’s a good chance we may get lost at some point and end up doing some fresh reconnoitring again ;-)

The usual format, i.e. steady, consistent effort with no stops in the middle.  Though offseason rules now also apply:

  • Use your heaviest bike/components.
  • Mudguards are appreciated.
  • No hour long brick runs off the bike.
  • Long, luxuriating coffee stops at the end of the cycle.

Leaving City Hall @ 8:30am.

Sunday Cycle October 19th

Weather_19_10The suggested route for this week is out to Coachford turning right to Donaghmore and then into New Tipperary and into Blarney.  The route is just short of 70km, with an opportunity for a coffee stop towards the end at the Woolen Mills in Blarney.  The way things have been going for the last few weeks we can probably split into a strong and intermediate group.  One thing to note is that Met Eireann have a severe weather warning for the entire weekend with very heavy rainfall predicted.  Please play it by ear on Sunday morning with respect to the safety of the weather conditions.  As usual meet at 9:00am outside City Hall.  Route here.

AGM Reminder 30th October Imperial Hotel

Just a reminder that the club AGM will take place in the Imperial Hotel on South Mall on October 30th.  Finger food will be served from about 7:15 and the meeting proper will start at 8:00pm.  Anyone who would like to propose motions to be discussed at the meeting should sent the motion to the club secretary at <> before next Tuesday, October 21st.  We would encourage all members to attend the meeting and have a say in how the club is run and put forward any ideas to improve the club for the coming year.

the proposed agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • Apologies for absent committee
  • Review of actions from the last AGM
  • Chairman’s Report
  • High Performance Squad/National Series
  • Club Member Race Analysis
  • Junior Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Motions for the meeting
  • Plans for coming year
  • Election of Officers
  • AOB

There will be a chance to chat over the finger food before the meeting starts and we hope to adjourn to the bar at the Imperial to conduct the meeting/season post-mortem.  Again we would encourage all members to attend and make an input to the running of the club and planning for the future.  It is only by getting feedback that the committees can put on events, training and coaching that meets member’s needs.  Looking forward to seeing as many people as possible there.

Women’s Cycling Skills Saturday 18th October

Trev2_KotHA cycling skills session specifically for our female club members with Trevor Mahoney this Saturday October 18th at 10:00am, meet in the car park at CIT.  The session will start with some skills and drills probably in the car park and then move to a group spin.  The session should run until about 12:00 or 1:00pm depending on how long the spin is.  This is a great opportunity to sharpen up on your bike handling skills and get some confidence in riding in a group.  Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress appropriately with warm or wet weather gear depending on the conditions.

Where did you race this year?

transitionWe are a huge club at nearly 250 members. Aren’t you curious how many races we have done collectively, what the breakdown of race distance is, how far we travel? I’m putting together some some race stats, graphs, etc showing the race profile for all the CTC members to present at the AGM. If you are a CTC member, please send me a list of the races you did and the distance (e.g. King of the Hill, Sprint). Thanks for your help. Without your input, I’ll have to make it up! Send me an email

Cork Tri Christmas Party Kingsley Hotel, Sat 29th November

KingsleyThe Kingsley Hotel has been booked for the club Christmas Party.  The social committee are working hard on all of the arrangements but save the date Saturday November 29th.  The club will subsidise the tickets, all members (plus one) are encouraged to come along and let their hair down (if you have any).  It will be great to get together while not wearing lycra.  Further details and cost will be published shortly, registration will open on the club website in the next week or so.

Tuesday/Wednesday Swim Sessions At Leisureworld

LeisureworldFor anyone who has signed up for the swim sessions at Leisureworld, starting tomorrow, please bring flippers, hand-paddles and pull buoys if you have them.  There are a number of kick-boards and pull buoys at the pool but you should have your own flippers and hand-paddles (flippers are the more important).  People should arrive early particularly on the first night as we will be trying to do a roll call.  Also a number of people have asked for stroke coaching and we want to assign these people to one of the club coaches.

Wednesday Run 15th Oct (Note Time Change to 6:30pm)

runners2A number of people had requested a move to 6:30pm for the Wednesday evening run to facilitate those doing the Garry Mason swim sessions.  So from now, probably until we go back to the track the sessions, the runs will start at 6:30pm.  Meet at the usual place, the car park at the city end of the Straight Road opposite the old Crow’s Nest pub.  One advantage of going a bit earlier is that there will still be a little light, so a repeat run along the Curraheen river track towards the tennis Village and then behind CIT will probably be possible.  Still keeping it at steady runs until November.  The old grumpy guy that often leads the runs apparently won’t be there this week so hopefully some of the other regulars will step up and lead the way plus make sure no one gets left behind.  Usual caveats, runs leave at very close to 7:00pm, so if you need a warm up or stretch come a little early.